Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Local Related Doll Stuff

I've been looking into some more local doll related stuff, since I'm here, and the dolls are certainly a big part of my life. I've always wanted to belong to a doll club, but I've never been able to find one semi-local. Plus I'm a different type of collector, I like playing more than putting them away on a shelf. Maybe in time I'll find a group, but right now I've found some local doll related things, and I wanted to share.
There's a doll museum in North Carolina, it's in High Point. Their website is a little lacking, but I think it's a new addition that will get better as they work on it. I would certainly like to give it a go and look at it sometime, anybody ever been there?
High Point Doll Museum

Next is a doll event in Greensboro. It's at the Doll Market, which boasts that it's the Largest Doll Shop in the USA. I've been there once before, I bought three Kaiser stands, and two pairs of shoes for Chatty Cathy. It's interesting being there. It's a huge space full of dolls. I loved seeing all the dolls that up to that point I'd only seen in photos, but being in a room that you are literally surrounded by dolls is kind of creepy. Especially since I was the only person there. Their prices are a little out of my range, but you know me, I'm poor. I like looking at their sales page, some good prices there. Although they don't sell much for Barbie. They are having a Ball Jointed Doll Party on Tuesday September 28th. Raffles, prizes, contests for BJD. I don't have a BJD, the closest thing I have is Charlotte, so I'm not invited. I think BJDs are cute, but not for me. They're super expensive and fragile. I need a doll that bounces, I'm clumsy. Also some BJD owners are a little... intense, and that's a little much for me. Here's the link to the event page, and their selling website;
The Doll Market

Here's a doll show in Winston-Salem, Doll and Teddy Expo 2010. It's happening October 1-3. Their website seems very informative, lots to poke around there.
Doll & Teddy Expo 2010

There's another doll convention in Winston-Salem from September 29th to October 2nd 2010. Modern Doll Collector Convention. I find their website a little difficult to navigate, but there's certainly some interesting stuff going on there. Here's the link;
Modern Doll Collectors

There's a lot going on here in NC for doll collectors, although I doubt I'll be going to any of those conventions. Money's tight, and I doubt I'd find anyone in my family who wanted to go. I might be able to force someone to go to the doll museum, but that's a maybe.

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