Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This arrived yesterday, although it's not something from storage it's something completely new, and a complete surprise for me. When my dad was planning on getting stuff from storage, one of the items he wanted to get was a table that had belonged to his mother. It had come from her family estate of Needwood (in Maryland). I was trying to remember it, it had been in the Dining room at their house. It had been in storage since 2003 when my Grandfather died so I couldn't remember it. When I was unpacking the truck I saw this, and couldn't place it. I just assumed it was the table and that I had simply forgotten how it looked. I also noticed that it was missing the lower knob. I got a little freaked out that my Dad was going to be mad that it happened. So I just went about my business getting other stuff out of the truck, bringing something to my Mother, where I ended up talking for a few minutes.
When I went back outside to the garage I found my father on the breezeway. He had it with him, he put it down and started explaining it to me. I listened because it's family history and that's interesting to me. He mentioned it was a sewing cabinet. Which was cool, my Grandmother did sew. Then he pulled out the top drawer and it was full of a bunch of sewing stuff. But wait! He wasn't saying that this was from my Grandmother, this was NEW. He had stopped at an estate sale in CT and found this. Haggling with the guy he had gotten it for a decent price. He bought it for me. My Dad bought me this beautiful sewing cabinet that was full of sewing stuff, really old sewing stuff, stuff I've never even seen before. Just the fact that he thought of me like that made me tear up. I have such a great dad.
I put it in the living room and just looked through it. It's mind boggling the amount of really old sewing stuff is in it. I'm going to go though and catalog the stuff that's in there. Bear with me, it's going to be a long process with lots of pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to date some of the stuff, I would guess it's stuff from the 40's or earlier, but that's just a rough guess. It's just so cool to have, and it's such a beautiful piece of furniture. Even if it was empty I'd still think it's really pretty. It's my first real piece of furniture. Today I lugged it upstairs to put it into my room. I keep looking over to it, still amazed that I own this.


  1. Ok, your dad is full of awesome! How sweet of him, and how cool is that table. I'm looking forward to hearing what is in it. Are you planning to customize it any? New knobs? Refinishing it or painting it?

  2. Get ready for the onslaught of stuff that's packed inside. I haven't even looked at most of the stuff in the third drawer, I'm still working on what's in the second drawer.
    I don't I'm going to do any customizing to it. The most I plan on doing to it is clean it and try and repair the scratches on it. It's just to classic to monkey around with it. It's a piece of Furniture that I wish the rest of my room looked as nice!