Monday, September 6, 2010

Ugh, so annoyed!

I know, I still owe you a post relating to Set it Aside Sunday. It's coming, I promise you. I've started it I'm just having trouble with my writing. But I do keep working on it, so I promise it's being written, however slowly.

I started off today with cleaning up from the photo shoot from Set it Aside Sunday. Putting away the poster board, putting the doll back on the bookshelf, and returning the stand I borrowed. It belonged to a blond Bubblecut my parents got me for my Birthday last year. When I was looking at her, I realized her face was sticky, like really sticky. Sticky like she's been sneaking downstairs and eating caramel popcorn sticky. It's common on older dolls to get sticky faces as their plastic breaks down. Since I had her in my hand, and on my mind I decided to get the rubbing alcohol and clean off her face. When she was done I looked though the others on the Vintage shelf for any other sticky faces. I found four that really needed it, Ken, Skooter, Francie, and my Brunette ponytail. So I washed their faces too. It's amazing the amount of dirt that also collects on their face. Since they shelf was already in a state of disarray I decided to take them all out and dust the shelf. I ended up washing a couple more dolls faces, not because they were greasy, but just to clean them. I'm not even going to show you the q-tips, I'm just going to say "Ew". Pretty shocking the amount of dirt that collects on a doll's face. Even if you wash then regularly. I got a lot of dirt off the Brunette Ponytail, and she got a bath right when I bought her. Right now they're all back like they should be, but they're a lot cleaner than before.

I also went out shopping. My father asked me to go with him, and I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby. I knew it was open due to their online add, so we went there too. They have simplicity patterns on sale this week and I found a few more that I wanted. It's better to go at the beginning of the week, since that's when they have more in stock. So I go in, and first place I go to is the pattern section, that way I get that done first. There's a woman sitting directly in front of the simplicity section, her back to it, flipping though the pattern catalog. She was there with her friend who was sitting on the opposite side, not blocking anything. I understand using the area when looking for a patterns, but she was just sitting there, blocking anyone else from using it! What the heck??? There are 6 other chairs in that section she could have used, and not blocked anybody. It was so rude. While I was waiting for her to move I looked at the jewelry section to see if the items I wanted were on sale, they were not. Returning to the pattern section I caught her rifling though the drawer. Hoping she would move on when she found what she was looking for I waited. Nope, she found the pattern she wanted then sat back down. I was there for about 15 minutes waiting her to move from that spot. Since I was waiting, I looked through the fabric section. I decided to get 1/4 yard of this rose patterned calico that I've picked up before, but always decide against. I want to like it, but haven't found the best project for it yet. I also looked at their Christmas fabrics and decided to get one. I wasn't in love with it, but it would be "good enough". I also needed some Black calico for Charlotte's Halloween costume, as well as general use. But they were out. They were out of Black Calico. At that point I was so thoroughly annoyed at that woman just camping out at the patterns, and them being out of black calico, I left. I put the fabric I was holding back, spun on my heels, and left. I didn't need this. It was a terrible shopping experience.

I mean seriously, who runs out of black calico?


  1. Trying to catch up on blogs tonight, and just read this one and I was irritated for you. That's why I now say "Excuse me." to people in a firm tone to let them know I am not going to back down and they need to move so I can get what I came for. Some people can be so rude. Ugh! And sorry to hear about the sticky faces. Some current dolls do that too and it's just so icky. Wish they didn't do that. It's such a waste of a modern doll when they do. But vintage is always worth the save. :-)

  2. I guess I need to more confrontational, I just hate dealing with people like that. But it was mind blowing how rude the woman was, and it wasn't like Hobby Lobby was empty. There were lots of people there, insane.
    I know that 80's dolls develop sticky legs, does sticky faces affect newer dolls too? It's sad the most recent Mattel play line I have is Mari from the Generation Girl line from 2001? Any other additions have been just the bodies! But yes, I'd do anything for my Vintage.

  3. Well I have seen sticky faces on new dolls but they tend to be dolls from other companies that produce cheaper dolls. Like I had a Britney Spears doll that the head gut gunky. And I believe it was a Steffie doll, several of them in fact, that the face changed color and got gunky. So Mattel hasn't has sticky face problems, but leaky legs, oh heck yeah, big problem. I have one Ken doll that has leaky leg and I feel bad at the thought of throwing him away but I refuse to donate him where a kid my play with him and possibly get sick. Oh well, maybe I can salvage the head. That sounds horrible. LOL!

  4. That's not horrible at all. I'm all about saving the heads. Bodies are disposable, heads are where the personality of the dolls comes from. I think Charlotte's on her 5th body at this point. We've come a long way in terms of articulation. And sometimes you will find a doll with a messed up head, so adding them together will make one good doll. The sum of one's parts and whatnot.