Saturday, September 11, 2010

Underpants, Thank you please!

Let me start off explaining this posting. Yesterday I was finally using that red ribbon that I bought a while back. It was kicking around my work station, since I can't be bothered to put anything away. Spotting Akikio then seeing the ribbon made me wanted to try something with it. You all know that she has a red ribbon on her hair, but I wanted to try a different kind. The ribbon she had was a very wide ribbon, and while it was very cute, I wanted to give this new one a shot. I kept the new ribbon very long, it's just not as wide as the old one. She's just testing it out right now, so she may go back to the older one. It all depends on how I feel after some time.
Since she was off the bookshelf I decided to look at the Momoko behind her. My first Momoko, named Momoko. She's wearing a Velma costume (and I love, love, love it!).
Eep! I always forget how dusty it gets over there on the bookshelf. Probably doesn't help that she's been in the same spot since I moved back home. Akikio is my go to girl when working with sizing for the Momoko dolls. So I took her out and "refreshed her". Basically it's just redoing her hair, and taking off her clothes and dusting her. I changed her hair bands to some thinner ones, the older ones were very thick, but all that I had. Eventually I'm going to have to do a downy dunk to the ends of her hair. It's very dry and damaged. And this isn't my fault! Nariko has that issue too. And it's weird because they really haven't had that much hair brushing. I've had older dolls that never had that problem, but these two do. But enough about hair. It was during the redress that I decided that I hated her underwear.
She's been wearing them as long as she's been wearing the Velma costume. The dress flares out at the skirt, and there's no underwear under there. Momoko came with some pantaloons, but they were too long for the skirt. At the time I found a pair of orange Barbie swimsuit bottoms that I stuck on her. They weren't too terrible, they did the job, and you really couldn't see them. But now I realized that I didn't like them. They were way too bulky on Momoko's small frame, and looked pretty ugly. I know nobody will ever (hopefully) see her underwear, but it's my opinion. I remembered the underwear pattern that I had, and the fact that if I made them out of calico than jersey knit, I would end up with a pair of boy shorts that fits Momoko.
So that's what I ended up doing. I needed a pair for Momoko, but then I saw Nariko and felt she needed a replacement pair too. She was wearing a pair of Silkstone underwear. If I made one for her, it would allow that pair to go back to a Silkstone, so I added her name to the list. Then looking at Akikio I felt she needed a pair too. She ended up with the Momoko pantaloons, I just had to push the legs up since they were longer than the skirt. I figured making her underwear might help get rid of the bulk from her skirt. Cosette didn't need a pair, since she's wearing pants right now, but that's going to change. So a pair for her too. This way I make her a pair, and don't have to do it later, nobody is left out. Since they are all getting their own underwear, I decided to monogram their initial into their pair, so that way we don't mix them up. And if someone looses a pair, I know who's is missing.
After I finished the underwear (and I really mean finished, snaps and all) I went about making some out of jersey knit for the bigger dolls. But I wasn't enjoying it. I made two pair before I decided I was done sewing for the day. Nobody really needed underwear, and making four complete pairs was enough busy work for today. No photos of them on the dolls (that's a bit pervy) but here's the pairs I made before the dolls claimed them. Pretty cute, huh?


  1. Very cute. Can never have enough underwear. I want to eventually make a ton for my dolls. I plan on making some boxers for Ken some time this weekend. Fingers crossed. :-)

  2. Good luck with your Ken boxers! I've tried making some briefs for Ken way back when, but nothing ever came out of it. Underwear is a necessary evil!