Saturday, September 4, 2010

"You may release him Spanky. He's part of the collective now."

I ended up going out shopping yesterday. I was being good and declined going on the regular shopping trip since I spent so much earlier in the week. And there's still nothing at Hobby Lobby compelling me to go there. Although I still only need Black Calico (and now I need white ribbon too). But I got invited to go out and check out the newest second hand store in town. It's near my brother's school, so we were going to be near it when we went to pick him up. And I'm weak, so weak, so off I went.
We made a quick stop at the Habitat for Humanity store before we picked my brother up, it's literally right next door to the college. I was looking though their piles and piles of fabric scraps, and really couldn't find anything that I really wanted. A few things that I thought were okay, but nothing that I couldn't live without. It's hard finding the gems in that place since it's mostly upholstery scraps. Also I haven't really used anything that I bought there last time. I should really keep in check the fabrics I buy so I don't get too much excess. What's the point of buying something that you're never going to use? I mean, there's no reason to have such a pile of fabrics that I'll never use. So I left that store empty handed.
After getting my brother we made out way over to the second hand store. It was certainly an odd store. Very disorganized with everything just sort of thrown out there. It was like walking around someone's basement. Not really a whole lot of rhyme or reason. The first room was a lot of outdoor stuff, nothing really of interest to me. There was some furniture there too. I don't need any furniture, since my little room is jam packed, so I was kind of envisioning leaving empty handed at this point. I was ready to leave when my father kept walking, turns out there was a second room of the place. One that was almost as big as the first. I was wandering around there, when I noticed a small bin at the bottom of a shelf. It was filled with some pretty recent cheap toys. But I saw something pretty familiar sticking out. It was Vintage Skipper legs! Or least it looked like it. I picked her up excitedly. It was a vintage Skipper. She had some issues, her hair was partially hacked, and one of her hands were chewed. She didn't have a price, which I hate not having things priced. She was the only one that I found, there was no treasure trove of Vintage Dolls kicking around, but I was fine with getting just her.
I also found a book about sewing, crochet, and knitting. It's actually the second book, so it's not totally helpful, but I'm sure I can find a use for it somehow, even if I just use it for kindling. It didn't have a price either. When we went up to the pay the woman asked what I'd pay for it. I told her, "I don't know." It's like, I'm going to give you my money for your goods. You must tell me how much money I must give you to get your goods. I'm doing my part, you do yours. So the woman looks at my items, and says "Two?" Two bucks each was fine with me, but I was wrong, it was two dollars together. I got a Vintage Skipper for a dollar. I couldn't have gotten a Skipper for a dollar when she was new. Although if I could, I'd be poor forever. Not too shabby in my opinion, although I doubt I'll be chacking in with that place often. I doubt it has a quick turn around at all.
Oh! I forgot to mention, I also got a hat from their free table. When we were checking out one of the women there told us abut the free table at the other exit. We were going to leave, and she practically dragged us over there to look. I ended up picking up a hat from the table. It's a newsboy style cap in light blue with some pink checkered kind of lines. It looks like that vintage era I want to wear. Judging from the union makers logo on the label and the fabric style, I'd guess 60's? Either way, it's a cool hat. Pretty good deals at that place, but like I said, doubt I'll be back soon.

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