Thursday, October 21, 2010

Allen is a Champ!

We're really begin to circle around to our final introductions of the dolls in the header. After this one we'll have only three left. Pretty exciting, maybe we will have the new header up by the end of the year. For a while there I was expecting it to be kicking around forever, but I keep working at it.
I'm expecting this one to be a short introduction, but those are famous last words. This is a post about a male doll, a rarity around these parts. Seriously the guy to girl ratio is pretty steep, but that hardly a new thing in doll collections, unless you collect action figures. But Allen isn't an action figure he's a doll. He debuted early in Barbie's life, as a friend for Ken. Although I wouldn't be surprised it if was really to have someone to date Midge. I mean Ken can't date both girls, that would be tacky.
The Allen sculpt is one of my favorites among the vintage ones. With his cheeky grin and flirty eyes there's something incredibly appealing about him. If I were Barbie I'd pick Allen over Ken anytime. There's something about his design that seems a little more fun compared to Ken's straightforward non-threatening look. That's one of the reasons why I actively looked for him to buy compared to Ken. I would assume that he was less common since I've only managed to get two of him compared to five Kens. Although in my defense two of those Kens are number ones with the flocked hair, and three are the newer (comparatively) painted hair. And I couldn't not have at least one of each in my collection. Allen only came in a painted hair format (with the cutest swirl of his bangs).
This Allen arrived here from E-bay, and if my memory serves correctly he came from the same lot of TLC dolls that Ashley came from. He's not mint, he suffers from a few paint rubs as well as some animal chews. They are mostly on his feet and one of his hands (It's pretty mangled), but it's a minor issue. Eventually I will find a donor arm to replace his damaged one, but other dolls are slated for repair first, like solo armed Edmund (already discussed on this blog). I've had Allen for a while, he was part of the Connecticut collection and like the majority of the vintage dolls came south in the great vintage move of winter 2008. Like those dolls he took a while to get dressed in an appropriate outfit. But luckily for him I actually purchased an outfit for him so he didn't have to wait for me to get around to sewing for him. I was in Big Lots way back when and found two My Scene masquerade Ken outfits. The Rocker and the Boxer. At two dollars each I couldn't let Ken clothes go, especially since this was still before I was sewing. At home I was figuring out who would wear it when I tried the boxing outfit on Allen. The gloves did a great job covering up his hand issue. For the most part the outfit fit the vintage body well. The only issue was that the sleeves of the jacket were too long, I just turned them up and that was that. I ended up replacing the shoes that came with the outfit with a pair of Barbie sneakers designed for the gals with big feet. Normally I don't like such specific outfits usually favoring "typical" day wear, but the boxer outfit worked, so he stayed in it. He really hasn't changed much since then. Most recently the changes that's happened with him have been regarding where he's located in the collection.
Up until recently he wasn't part of the vintage shelf, he was actually located on the named shelf, next to Joe. There's a few vintage dolls on other shelves, it happens. When I got Vanessa I was trying to figure out where she could go. She didn't belong on the vintage shelf or the Silkstone shelf, by the very definition, and was too tall for the Japanese doll shelf. I ended up putting her on the named shelf, since her arrival was a pretty big deal. In order for her to be seen she had to be between Joe and Allen. This lead to some pretty cramped quarters. After meeting Vanessa in person I felt that I didn't like her being so close to Joe. I trust him, but she suffers from wandering eye issues. I wasn't going to move Joe, so that left Allen to be bumped back to the vintage shelf. This was right about the time that I was taking over the media bookshelf from just dolls to vintage dolls exclusively. He became the first doll to move to the third shelf after the change, although he was shortly joined by Edmund. As of right now they're the only two there, but I'm sure more will come in time.
And that's Allen, three more to go!
(P.S. the pictures suck because they're pretty old, I've gotten somewhat better since then.)

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