Friday, October 29, 2010

And on the third day I rested!

There's been a slight change of plans for today. You see, I'm not doing any of the cooking for the Christmas baskets. It's not like someone else is working on it, nobody is doing anything for it. You see I started this project early because I didn't want to wait for the last second to do it all. I would be spending all this time just thinking about it, compared to actually doing it. Also if we waited until the last second then if anything went wrong we'd be screwed. But so far things have gone together on plan. I was expecting something at this point to take two days, but so far we're on schedule. And since we placed the items with the longest shelf life at the beginning of the process we're beginning to reach things that might not last as well if we make them too early. With that in mind I decided that it was okay for me to take a day off from the baskets. I think we're in a decent enough shape to miss a day.

I must admit that I didn't do much today. I didn't do ANYTHING with my other projects. I really just lazed about all day. Nothing done with Charlotte or anything. I did however do some packing and worked on cleaning up some of this mess. Although whatever I do clean I manage to mess up again pretty quick. In the evening I managed to sit down and write a page of my book. I'm still planning on talking about that with y'all, I'm just not sure the best way to go about and introduce everyone to the book. Any suggestions?
Tick tock, the clock counts down!

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