Monday, October 11, 2010

And then there were five...

Only five doll remaining to be introduced from the header! (Although after this post they'll only be four.) We really are making progress!
Now we're on to a doll that I can't really remember the specific details of unfortunately, I hope you don't hold it against me, it happens. This post is about my first Skooter doll. (and as of right now the only Skooter doll in my collection.) Within the vintage Barbie collection I really like having a wide variety of dolls in it. While they are all under the Barbie header, it's nice having a selection of friends and family too. It also helps that Barbie's friends and family are cheaper, so I was more likely to win them off E-bay, compared to the namesake.
Skooter is a doll that I did search for, it's not like she came in a lot of other dolls, I remember that much. Earlier I had gotten my first Skipper, and with her off my wish list I felt it was time to start collecting her friends. This was when E-bay was my only real resource, so that's where I started my search. I wasn't just looking for a Skooter, I was also looking for a Ricky doll, but he was much more elusive, I finally got one last year. Skooter was less coy. I quickly found one online. She is a red-head (She also came as a blond and a brunette), and she wasn't perfect. Her face plastic was a bit darkened. It didn't look too bad, it just looked like dear Skooter spent a lot of time out in the sun. Her hair was full though, although it's a bit brittle looking. I think that's an issue with Mattel's red hair, since all of my vintage red heads have that hair issue. She was also nude, not shocking at all since most of my wayward angels show up like that. I bid on her and counted down the clock until I won. Finally she arrived to my house, that's when the real work began. It was up to me to dress her. Unfortunately (for her) she's on a vintage Skipper body, one that I have very few clothes for, and she arrived a long time before I was sewing for the dolls. And I mean like years before I was sewing for the dolls. So there's two strikes against her right off the bat. Over the years she bounced around to different outfits, whatever I had on hand. The vintage Skipper body can wear the outfits from the now defunct "Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen" doll line. I purchased a few sets from those back when they were new, just because I was willing to take a chance on them. Skipper got the jeans and t-shirt, Francie got the shoes. Poor Skooter got stuck wearing this... 90's hooker party outfit. It really didn't work for her. That outfit didn't last. It was made from some cheap polyester and it ended up fraying so I tossed it. Can't fix that mess, not like I would really want to. Kept the shoes though, they fit the Momoko dolls, and that's peachy. Skooter eventually made the move south with the rest of the vintage group in time. When down here it was time for a bath and to think about what she was going to wear. It was here that I noticed that something had nibbled behind her ear! Not sure what it was, but I'm glad that the damage was not on her face and it didn't go all the way though the plastic. Right now the damage is hidden by her ponytail. That could have really ended badly!
When I reclaimed her, I also reclaimed the rest of my modest vintage doll collection, where once again she got stuck in an outfit that I really didn't love on her, but was all that I had on hand. I had taken ten dolls on that trip and all of them needed to be dressed and cleaned. This was still before the sewing machine, so I had to made do with what I had. And for that I mean everyone, just just poor Skooter. Out of those ten, only two are still wearing the outfits they started out in. I believe she ended up wearing a purple turtleneck, a Barbie hounds tooth skirt, black leggings, and blue Barbie flats. It worked for the time, but nothing to write home about. I did pull out the clothing bag from time to time and attempt to get her a better outfit, but never found anything that I really wanted. So Skooter was doomed to wear some unflattering outfit.
It wasn't until the sewing machine arrived that her hopes got raised. I was excited to get a machine, since after restarting my collection I had begun to hand sew to pad my clothing collection. With hand sewing it took forever to finish something, and it really showed that I did it by hand. It's still not my strongest still. When it arrived I set it up in the dining room, and struggled to remember how to thread it (it's a bottom threader). I ended up making one doll outfit, remembered why I disliked machine sewing, turned it off and walked away. It wasn't until Chatty Cathy came home with me that I gave it another chance. I also took it upstairs to my room then. Sewing for Cathy was easier since she was bigger than Barbie. With my sewing confidence back I started sewing for Barbie. It took me a while to begin sewing for Skipper. I haven't been able to find many patterns for vintage Skipper, it's an issue that plagues me to this very day. I did find that Blythe patterns give you a good start, but you have to modify them. One outfit was a cute little sundress that I found online for free. When tweaking the fit I made several that were passable, but nothing I was really in love with. After I got most of the kinks worked out I decided I should make one specifically for Skooter. I made it using some delightful peach calico fabric that I love. I had recently used it to make a sun dress for Chatty Cathy, so I knew it was easy to work with. I made Skooter a dress, using a wide ribbon at the waist to add some "zaz". Also it was what I did to Chatty Cathy's dress, so they were twins! I also made her a head scarf, because I was getting a peasant vibe from the outfit. I also made her some matching shorts, since the dress suffered from some gap-itis in the back. I think it's a darling outfit, but I have yet to find any shoes that work with it. Right now Skooter is up on the vintage shelf barefoot. If I ever find a place that sells shoes that fit the vintage Skipper, you know I'll be getting myself some. You know, all this talk about Skooter makes me want another one. It'll be nice to have a doll to counter the three Skippers that I have.
And so the collection need continues...

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