Friday, October 1, 2010

And we're back in the introduction trail!

Even though at this moment all theme days are currently suspended, I'm still working on introducing all the dolls in the header. Like I've said before the next header is all designed, just waiting for me to get though all the people on this one. The benefits of doing these introductions are twofold, you get to meet everyone, and I get to remember where I got all of them. Although, I'm not going to lie, some doll's details are remarkably fuzzy, luckily it's not the case with today's introduction.
She just joined the collection last year, so unless my mind was going I should remember her. She's the Bubblecut from the "My Favorite Doll" line. I really do like these dolls. Out of the original line of six I've purchased four. I'm only missing the Malibu and Barbie and the Rockers. Since I already own an actual Malibu, and I've never been a fan of the 80's dolls bold makeup, I doubt they'll come here to live. I almost passed up on the Bubblecut, but there was a sale at I got her for ten dollars, not too shabby since she's supposed to be forty dollars originally. I was also able to use some of my gift cards that had accumulated, so really she cost me nothing.
When she first arrived I had quite an issue dressing her. She came dressed in a copy of the original red swimsuit that Bubblecut dolls used to come with. She couldn't very well stay in that. While it's nice weather lots of time in North Carolina, it's not always beach weather. And then someone stole her shoes! I ended up giving them to my blond ponytail, who's not a reproduction. For a while I had a huge issue with how to dress the Bubblecut. She has the same issue as the vintage dolls. She only fits a specific era, and I don't have a lot of clothing that fits her. She's had a variety of costume changed before finally selecting her current outfit. But for one photo shoot she did don her red swim suit and borrow Hong Kong Lilli's skirt. It was right after I got her, and I used a wrinkled red satin polyester for the background, to give it an "artsy" feel. I'm kind of proud of how that picture came out, since my pictures are pretty hit or miss. It ended up being a header photo one day over at "In the Pink", a feat that I rarely repeat, although I think it's partly political. That's the photo I used when I was creating the header here at Aubrey's Mind, so you know I like it.
But she couldn't keep Lilli's skirt, so she was back to unsatisfactory clothing that worked for the time being, but was nothing that I was really in love with. It wasn't until I got my Talking Barbie in January that she finally got an outfit that I really liked. Talking Barbie came with this lovely hounds tooth skirt. It was lovely, although it was really too big. But I just had to move half a snap and it's now a much better fit. I might have kept it with Talking Barbie, but it wasn't the correct era for her. Since she now had a skirt, she needed a shirt. The only thing I could think of that would work was a black turtleneck, which I did not have... yet. It was time to make another one of those silly turtlenecks. This was before I was even attempting to try them on the machine, or had any in surplus. So it was another several hour long endeavor. A simple pair of Kari Mitchell black pumps complete the outfit. I also gave her a pearl necklace, to class her up a bit. After I got the "Most Mod Party Becky" doll play set, I also gave her the guest list and the pencil that came from it. With her separated finger sculpt, I was able to fit the list into her hand, the pencil I tucked behind her ear in her hair. She has a secretary vibe going on.
On the subject of hair, there was some serious hair issues with this doll. She's supposed to be a reproduction of the Bubblecut style, but someone got their wires crossed at Mattel. The hair that they reproduced was more along the lines of the shaggy dog. I've seen people just deal with it like that, but I couldn't live with that. What I ended up doing was gelling her hair within an inch of it's life. I did a kind of bob. For reference it's a bit like how Velma from Scooby-Doo does her hair. The sides I slicked down, and the top I brushed over to the side. It works if you don't look too closely. I had to make a clear plastic head guard to keep it styled like that. When I remove it, it eventually starts to relax back into it's original design. I really like it much better this way, I've never been much of a fan for the Bubblecut hairstyle. Which is ironic since I have more of them then any other Barbie hairstyle. Always one for irony, it's most certainly not lost on me.


  1. Oh you have got to love Walmart discounts. Looking forward to this years clearance after Christmas. :-) You've got such a pretty girl. I can't believe her hair doesn't stay that way, it looks like it does from your photo. I love the outfit she is in. Very fitting for her. I'm not a fan of the bubblecut either, I like a girl to have some hair to play with. :-)

  2. J'adore Walmart. Although the local one around here never marks anything down. Grrrr.
    I know, the Bubblecut's hair is too short, you can't do a thing with it!