Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another one bites the dust

I didn't get a lot of writing done this Typewriter Tuesday. I was just unable to turn my brain off and focus on it. Instead everything that I've got to get done before I leave kept swirling around in my head and that just killed my focus. I did try, I got about a paragraph written before I l decided that I wasn't really feeling it, so I stopped. So instead of writing I began to just flutter around working a little on each project. I shouldn't have been doing that because all that constant switching means I don't get anything actually done. When will I learn?
I did however complete something. Something from my final to-do list. What I'm talking about is the "Get another doll off the redress list". But there's a technicality about it... the doll I'm writing about was never officially on the redress list. Before you start lighting your torches and amassing an angry mob let me say that, while she wasn't on the list YET, she would have been added to the next update of it. By doing a much needed redress I was able to keep her off the list altogether so that's practically the same thing in my mind. If you disagree feel free to assemble at the door ready to drag me out into the streets. I just ask that you all park on the road so you don't block the driveway. My brother needs to be able to get out so he can go to school. Thanks for understanding.
Here's the pics, and before you ask, yes that's the skirt I made for Charlotte in yesterday's post. There's been some sharing going on, but don't worry I'm going to be making another skirt for her. The shirt is one that I already had, but I did make a different shirt for this outfit originally, it just came out poorly so I stopped before I finished it. This one looks adorable, it's very fitting for it.

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