Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Check out my basket ;) Day 1

Today is the first day of the switching gears from dolls over to making stuff for the Christmas baskets. Are you psyched? I know I am... ish. I'm more psyched to be at the point where I can start to actually do it compared to just planing and thinking about it each day. So let's get into it.
For our first day of it, we're stating off easy. It's been a bit since I've done a lot of hard core cooking so I wanted to start with something simple to remind myself that I could do it. Also we started off with the item that had the longest shelf life, Rice Crispy treats. Their official website said they can last up to six weeks in the freezer. We don't need them to keep that long, just until the 6th. After that they're not my problem.
I got the recipe from the official website (link included), although I did know how to make them from before, I just wanted to check out what they recommended officially.
Rice Crispy Treats
And here's what came out from that.
I learned today that you need a lot more marshmallows than cereal. That pan is about six servings for the baskets, and that alone used up three full bags of marshmallows, and only one box of cereal. I still have to make up two more servings, but that's going to have to wait since I'm out of marshmallows. Luckily they're the easiest of the things so I can make it on another day when I'm working on something else that isn't too demanding of my concentration.
Case in point today when I was making them for the first time I gave the apple roses another shot. I wanted to make them one more time before I decided I was going to bring up to Connecticut. I also wanted to see if I could make them without burning them. I ended up turning down the recommended cooking heat from 425 to 400, the puff pastry package itself recommended 400 when cooking it. I also made the apple slices a little thicker, but that was just because last time I cut them too thinly. This go around came out better compared to last time. I just need to remember to pick apples with a nice red skin. These ones were yellow, and the "petals" don't look as impressive as they could. I will be definitely be making these for Connecticut. I also took a picture of these ones so you can see them. Enjoy the picture because they certainly don't last long. I keep eating them!
It was also Shopping Wednesday, and you know that I didn't pass that up, especially since my cooking duties took less time than I expected. We were off to another whirlwind shopping trip. Although I didn't get what I wanted, sigh. I was finally going to break down and buy the yellow hounds tooth LIV jacket, but someone else got it first. Sad face. Hopefully they'll restock it soon, but we all know the likelihood of that. The local Walmart sucks, it really does. But I didn't go home empty handed. Over at Goodwill I found this old jar of Modge Podge glue. I saw it there a few weeks ago, but I passed by. The next time we went it was gone so I figured I had missed my chance. It was back this time, I guess I didn't see it last time or someone had moved it. I wasn't going to let it escape me again so I snagged. It was only 69 cents and for that price I can justify it. I'm going to use it to finish the basket for Little Red Riding Hood, finger's crossed for that. I also found something pretty exciting, remember those books I bought a while about about people sewing? Well I'm still thinking about doing that, so for a lark I looked through the small selection of patterns that every second hand store has. Usually they only have terrible 80's patterns for woman, but I found something promising. A sewing pattern for men, uncut, and in my size! It's also seems to be from the 80's but men's clothes hardly change that much, it doesn't look dates. I'm sure the fabric choices are what would make it look modern or retro. The pattern is for both the shirt and the pants, although I can't see myself making pants from this pattern (Never say never though). Now we're one step closer to me actually making myself something compared to the dolls. Freaky right? But this is as close as we're going to get since I'm leaving for a bit soon, but now I at least have the pattern. I'm going to have to start checking those random boxes more often, never know what you'll find. This only cost me 49 cents. Beat that Hobby Lobby!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's update about the Christmas cooking and whatnot!
Done one over!

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