Sunday, October 31, 2010

Check out my basket! ;) Day 4

First off, Happy Halloween everybody! Hope everyone's day went well and if you went trick or treating you got lots of candy and very little fruit (I always hated when people tried to pass off raisins as something you'd want to get)! I didn't dress up, but I did pull out the Walmart vampire cape that I've had for two years now, and wore it in the morning around the house. I took it of when I was getting into the nitty-gritty of my cooking. You know who wore her costume all day? Charlotte. I put it on her in the morning and she stayed in it until the evening. I even brought her downstairs to keep me company in the Kitchen making today's item. I mean I spent days making her costume, she might as well wear it on the Holiday itself, I don't think that's asking too much. But enough chatting about the festivities, it's time to talk about the baking for today.
Today's item was one that I've been dreading since we planned to do these basket, chocolate covered pretzels. I don't dislike them because their difficult to make, it's because they're so tedious to make. You have to do each pretzel individually. Okay, to make them, first you melt the chocolate, you can use a double broiler or the microwave. I used the microwave. You have to heat it slowly, in thirty second bursts or else you run the risk of burning the chocolate. When it's melted you take it out, mix in the pretzels and then take each one out, letting the excess chocolate to drain off each pretzel. Otherwise it would be one chocolate glob. Then you put the pretzel onto saran wrap or tin foil to harden. After they're sufficiently hard you can peel off the backing and congrats, you have a chocolate covered pretzel! Imagine doing that for what seemed like hundreds of pretzels. And the chocolate in the bowl keeps getting hard so you have to keep remelting it. I swear it's torture. But they're popular, so we make them. I like them too. Just don't like having to make them, eat them totally, I'm so all over that. But make them? I'm just so over that.(That's one full bag) Luckily my parents did help so we had two people working most of the time. I still did over half though, they switched off with each other. But still it got done faster than it if was just myself. We stopped when we ran out of chocolate (we used three pounds). We were almost out of pretzels too, and we started off two full bags of that.
So then I left so that they could get hard. I wanted to wait until they were really set or else they would stick to each other in the bags and it would look terrible. In the evening I came back. Taking out some sandwich bags I started filling them up. At first everyone got twenty pretzels. I knew I probably had more than that, but I wanted to err on the side of caution. After those were filled I added ten more in each bag. I still had more so then I added five more to each one. That's when the pretzels ran out and there wasn't enough to do a another full go around. When I was taping the flaps of the bags down I discovered that I had miscounted. Instead of eight bags I had made NINE. It seems that I cannot count. Thankfully since it was more than I needed I didn't have to recount out all the bags. That means we get a bag to enjoy. Right now they're all in the fridge, and we're over the big annoying hurdle that is Chocolate Covered Pretzels! I did the math and nine bags at 35 each equals 315 pretzels. So we made a bit over that much, but isn't that nuts?
Stay tuned for Day five!

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