Saturday, October 23, 2010

Have you met Barbie's MODern cousin? She's groovy!

I have a family history with the Francie doll. My Mom remembers having a Francie doll when she was younger. It's one of the two Barbie dolls that she remembers specifically (The other being her painted haired Ken). I don't have any of her dolls from childhood, but that hasn't stopped me from collecting my own assortment of them. Although if I remember my own childhood correctly there was a very beat up Francie swimsuit kicking around my Grandmother's house for the longest. You could say that I was predetermined to like the Francie doll, and I do. I don't remember my first experience viewing this doll (I'm sure it was from Barbie Bazaar, maybe when they were talking about the Francie reproduction), but she and I just clicked. It was kind of like how Ashley and I clicked, except instead of one doll it was about Francie in general. I haven't met one I didn't like. With her shy smile and large doe eyes I was just drawn to the Francie doll, makes my heart go pitter patter. I felt a desire to get one very early on in my collecting days. It's a strange occurrence because at that time I didn't have any Mod dolls in my collection. As of then everyone was from 1961-1964, and Francie wasn't around until 1965. My want for her rewrote the very standing of my collection as I knew it, just thinking about Mod compared to just Vintage.
Francie here comes from humble beginnings. Another E-bay find, she came nude and I'm sure under twenty dollars. Although when writing this post I feel that she was around 18 dollars, not sure if that was with or without shipping. She's a blond, with bendable legs and a TNT waist. Her hair hasn't been cut, and she has some of her lashes. Her face has yellowed with age, which is pretty common for the mod dolls. She has some lip rubs, but other than that her makeup is pretty complete. When I got her I had that age old conundrum, how to dress her. I certainly didn't have anything that fit her, and this was much, much, much too long ago to be sewing anything. Luckily Charlotte had an outfit that fit her, and Charlotte was willing to let it go to Francie. (Although I don't think Charlotte knew how long she was going to have to give the outfit to Francie.) It's a school girl type outfit from the Myscene line, minus the shoes, they were much too big for Francie. I paired the outfit with some gray knee socks, that I think are men's socks. She also got a pair of the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen sneakers. Overall it's very cute. That's been her for the most part since I got her, although recently she swapped out the brown jacket that came with the outfit for a red one that came with the Rebelde Barbie dolls.
Francie's transition into the collection hasn't always been a easy one. Not too long after I got her she had a terrible accident. She fell onto the floor and her neck broke! Actually it was the ball that was inside her neck. Unfortunately then I didn't have the resources or the know how to fix her. It was very frustrating. Although at that time my doll collecting waning so Francie had to live like that for a while. It wasn't until after college that I came back to deal with her problem. It took a little bit of hard work and practical thinking, but I eventually got her neck knob back and strong enough to support her head. This meant that for her she came down south earlier than the great vintage move of '08, but even if she had been part of that it wouldn't have been that big of an issue since she's still wearing the clothes she came down in. Compared to the other dolls that I had to take forever to redress. She's still wearing that outfit, and I can't think of a reason why I should change it. I hope she likes it because she's stuck with it!
And so that's Francie's story. (Or at least my first Francie, I have two others!) She's over on the vintage shelf, I'm looking at her as I write this post about her. Just looking at her fills me with excitement and happiness, I just really love these dolls, each and every one of them. Especially my groovy Francie!


  1. I love Francie. I love the mod era and she just screams it. I love how you have yours dressed like a school girl. Very cute. You're almost done with your header! I say you can finish it before Thanksgiving. ;-) I should do more doll intros on my blog. Just takes forever to get to the clothing tub right now. But it's on my to-do list for the new year for sure. :-)

  2. Francie was before my time but she remains my absolute favorite doll! I discovered her just a couple of years ago and have loved her since! While I dream of owning a perfectly mint Francie one day, I love each and every one of the flawed ones that are in my collection.

  3. Chelle- I'm slowly getting there, right now there's two left! You totally should do doll introductions, it's a great way to remind yourself why you love the dolls in your collection!
    TM- I have one almost mint Francie, but I love the more played with ones more. I always worry about braking her when I do something with her. Compared to this Francie that I can play with without guilt.