Saturday, October 9, 2010

Set it Aside Sunday on Finsh it up Friday... hmm, odd

I switched gears today, I've been working on the same projects for a bit now and I wanted a change. I know that my fluttering from project to project isn't helping much get done, so today I switched to something different and worked on it until it was done. it's very refreshing to just get something finished after such a long time where nothing was getting done. Today I remedied that.
Setting Charlotte aside I began searching for what I was going to do today. It didn't take me very long to find what I wanted, recently around here you can't throw a stone without hitting an unfinished project. I started off by looking though the "To be finished box." I wasn't looking for a sewing item in there, I was looking for a doll. Recently with the large influx of new dolls I've been keeping the naked ones in the "to be finished box". That way they are handy if I want them, but they're not just hanging around (letting everything hang out). We're very upstanding people here about nudity at Aubrey's mind. All that naked plastic was making some people uncomfortable, we had to hold a town meeting to come up with this solution. There's a few people who are residing in that box, but today I pulled out my newest vintage Skipper. She wasn't exactly naked; she was wearing the remains of my last sewing attempt for her; socks and the shell of her failed blouse, but she was naked enough to justify her living in the box. Today I decided to give her outfit another go, and thus today's project was born!
Not sure if I shared what I planned for Skipper, but I probably should. If I did please feel free to skip over what I'm about to say. What I was going to make for her was kind of like a school girl outfit. It was going to be a sleeveless white blouse with a peter pan collar. There was also going to be an over sized bow at her neck. I was going to pair this with a blue pleated skirt, some red socks and finally use the red loafers that I have. When I first attempted this, way back when I had finished the socks (even make another pair when I was testing colors), made part of the skirt, and most of the blouse before I called it quits. It was when I had tried to attach the collar to the blouse that I ended up stopping. For some reason I could not get the collar to attach, I just ended up destroying it. I did try again mangling three different sets of collars before deciding that I was done. I was not a happy camper, so I set Skipper into the box and moved on to other projects. I did return a bit later, trying something different. Since the shirt was what was giving me such trouble I decided to go in a different direction. I wanted to make one with sleeves, still using the bow and collar, using the same pattern as the sleeveless one. That came out terribly, it was so bad that I wish I could invent a word to really show you how bad it was. For some reason the shoulders had too much fabric, throwing off the sleeve seams, so that they started mid arm. It could have worked if Skipper had football player shoulders, but alas she did not. And any attempt to ask her to "bulk up" were ignored. It was up to me to try again, although I was scratching my head as to why it wasn't working. I mean I've used this pattern before! I wasn't ready to attempt it again so Skipper was once sent back to the "To be finished" box.
Today I was looking over my past issues when I remembered something. The reason why I was having such difficulty with the pattern compared to before what that this was a different pattern. When I had used the pattern before I had modified it to get a better fit on Skipper. I wasn't using that one, I was using a fresh one that I printed off from online, without my changes. Armed with that knowledge I searched through my Barbie pattern looking for it. I had missed it earlier since it looked different from the one online. Luckily I still had it, so I pulled it out. I labeled it so I won't be having that problem again. With this new/old pattern I gave this shirt another go, hoping my fit issue was in the past.
And it was, these new sleeves started where they should. Before you start jumping up and down and slaughtering the fatted calf, there's another sticky wicket. It looked awful! Pairing it with the skirt I got my first real glimpse of the outfit as a whole, ew. It was really dated, and not in the cute retro way I tend to favor. So I was pretty disappointed. I ended up finishing the skirt, because I knew that I could use it in general. The shirt, while almost finished ended up in the box. Maybe someday it will reappear, but not today. Dejected, I ended up casually flipping though the Skipper sized dolls clothing bag. Sadly, a tear drifted down my cheek. Braking free it landed on a simple Skipper sized t-shirt that I made a while back for Ricky. Just for the heck of it I took it out of the bad, and tried it on with the skirt. Wow, it looked really cute, although plain. I ended up tacking the red bow to the shirt, but that wasn't what I wanted either. There was just something missing, something... (hmm) something like a JACKET! (Cue the light bulb above my head) What Skipper was missing was a cute little jacket to go with her skirt, now that would be cute. Luckily I had just the thing, or at least the pattern. A while back I had attempted to make a jacket for Most Mod Party Becky. I had finished most of it, but stopped just short of completing it. Luckily I never throw anything away, so I fished it out and tried it on Skipper (it was in the "to be finished" box). It looked adorable, just what I wanted. Unfortunately it was the wrong color, so I had to make another one. Luckily I never throw anything away, so I still had the pattern. In no time at all I was making a jacket in the right color. I decided to line it this time, so I didn't have to hem it. It's not perfect, but certainly passable. Still flying by the seat of my pants I added a snap closure at the top. And that's where I finally added the red bow at the neck (I finally used that bow!). I was also able to use the red socks that I had made from before, although I decided to not use the loafers with it, they don't fit very well over the socks. Skipper here gets to join the list of dolls who don't have shoes, we're really beginning to get a lot of those here, not sure if that's good or bad...
And with that she's done. She moved right into the vintage shelf, it looks like it was just waiting for her to arrive. It's times like that that makes me realize I'm not wasting my time with this. It's too cute!

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