Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shopping Wednesday goes back to normal!

Another Wednesday, another shopping trip, and once again I managed to find more things that I "needed". I really should start being better about my selfish wants, or at least start being better at justify my purchases to myself. If not I should at least look into classifying myself as charity for my taxes. Whichever ends up being easier.
Stopped in at Hobby Lobby, sliding back into the norm that I've been skipping for the last few weeks. I ended up finding a few things I wanted, didn't find some things I wanted, and passed on other things I thought I wanted.
First off let me tell you, I found the stained glass section. No, I didn't get any stained glass items it's just that I didn't know they even had a stained glass part of the store. I was fine in my blissful ignorance until this week's coupon was for it. Turns out over near the craft paint there is an isle of stained glass. I totally found it by accident when I was trying to find some sealant for the Little Red Riding Hood Basket. The paint I used on it has a tendency to not really stick to the wicker. I don't want the paint transferring to any part of Charlotte's costume, nor do I want any of the white showing through it. I wasn't able to find any, but I really didn't spend that much time looking for it. It was just cool to find the stained glass section, guess there's more wonders to be had at Hobby Lobby.
After moving beyond the paint section I moved onto the doll making section. It's really more of a half shelf, but it was on sale. Or at least the doll making supplies were, no sale on the pre-made doll clothes. But I didn't need any of those anyways. I did however need some of their doll hair. I don't get it there often since it's not really nice doll hair. It's chenille which is more along the lines of mohair. And I need more like saran hair for the dolls I re-root. I bought a package in black for my first practice re-root, still have most of it. But this time I needed white, or at least I needed blond, but I had to get white to get to that point. You see the hair is like I said similar to mohair, which is what Hong Kong Lilli's hair used to be. If I get some hair, dye it blond I can use it to fix her hair, and she really deserves some hair. I was waiting for the supplies to be on sale, and luckily they were. I also picked up some hair dye, that stuff is super expensive! Almost four dollars for that bottle. Luckily it's going to last a while, unluckily I really can't imagine what else I would use it for? You might be seeing lots of golden blond outfits for a bit. Just kidding I'll just tuck it away for another day when I'm done with it.
With that done I headed off to the fabric section like usual. Although this time I was actually looking for something compared to just wandering around to see what stuck me. They had Halloween fabric half off this week, I guess they were trying to get rid of it. I wanted to see if there was any that I wanted to pick up and just have handy. It seems someone had already gotten the best parts of it and there were only two spools left. And I didn't need or like either one so I didn't bother getting any. So you see I can leave something even if it is a bargain. I was also searching for velvet. I know, I know I just got a piece of velvet, but they had it on sale this week. I wasn't going to get any but I WANTED to know where they had it. I've searched that entire section time and time again and haven't found it. Is there some special VIP section I'm not allowed into? That would be the only reason why I still can't find it. Sigh, I guess I'm going to bite the bullet and ask someone who works there to show me where it is. And you should know how much I hate to do that, but that can wait, still haven't even decided what to do with the red velvet that I got earlier.
I was also looking for some sky blue calico fabric for Charlotte's 80's outfit. They just restocked the section a little while back but for some reason I could not find any. I found a lot of blue calico, but there wasn't any sky blue, or at least what I considered sky blue. There was a lot of muted blues similar to sky blue but not what I wanted. Maybe I was being too picky. Don't think I left the fabric section empty handed, you should never think that. I ended up scanning the remnant section, like I always do. That's where I found a fabric similar to what I was looking for. It's almost sky blue, not sure what it is, some sort of cotton. It's got a pretty noticeable weave and frays pretty easily. It's not my first choice for the project, but it certainly fits better than what I had at home. Also I figured for under a dollar I could give it a shot and if I couldn't use it I wouldn't be out much. The other remnant I found was more of an impulse buy, although I've been tempted but it before. Hobby Lobby sells this plaid fabric from John Deere. I don't understand why it has a fabric line either, but they do. It's caught my eye a few times when I'm in there (I'm a sucker for plaid), but each time the price is what killed it for me. Also the pattern is a little big for Barbie, (Or at least that was the justification I would give myself when putting it back.) but for 44 cents I knew that it was going home with me. There's really not a lot of it left, just a narrow strip of it. But it's at least wide enough for several Barbie skirts, so you might get to see that soon enough!
That's what I got at Hobby Lobby, but I certainly think that's enough, don't you? Now it's time to get busy with projects!


  1. I like the John Deer fabric. I'm a sucker for plaid and paisley prints. I didn't know John Deer had a fabric line. Why? I'll never be able to understand the need for it, but it looks cool. Can't wait to see what you make from it.

  2. Yes me too! If I see plaid I want it.

    It's an addiction that I'm totally cool with.