Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shopping Wednesday, with an unusual twist!

Inevitable time marches on and we find ourselves here at another Wednesday and you know what that means! It's time for the weekly shopping trip! It's nice to have a reason to get out of the house, especially when I might be able to get something for my projects! Although I must say, once again I skipped Hobby Lobby this week. I'm beginning to notice a disturbing trend. This week is especially jarring since they had a forty percent off coupon in the circular. And... I had no desire to use it. What I'm thinking is that I've got a bunch of projects on the burner that I already have the materials for already, and I have a bunch of projects that are just ideas and aren't at the buying materials stage yet. Either way I'm at an odd junction. We almost stopped in to get more candy supplies for the Christmas baskets, but I asked not to go this week, so I wouldn't be temped to buy something just because we were there. (Because that's how I am!) So we skipped Hobby Lobby, and my wallet rejoiced. The dolls however was livid all except Charlotte, because she's cool like that.
In spite of skipping Hobby Lobby, we did hit up the local second hand stores, since we hadn't been there for a while, and I love the thrill of the hunt. (Don't we all?) First off let me start off with a gripe. We drive up to the building, and in front there's these two drop off dumpsters, for when you want to donate something during the off hours. This time however there was a little boy maybe around the age of 4 peeing in between them! He had what I assume was his mother behind him, watching him. It was a total gross out moment. Could he really not hold it for a second? I mean there's a Hardee's across the street, they should have a bathroom. I just thought it was really tacky and inappropriate (for the parent). They could have at least gone around to the side of the building, but whatever, moving on.
Once inside the store it was time to browse. I started off looking over at their dolls, (Like usual) last time I was there they had some old-ish Effanbee dolls there that I passed. I don't collect that scale, also they had some mold issues, thankfully they were gone this time so I didn't have to think about getting them. This time however they had a large(Life sized) Uneeda walker doll. She was temping, but her hair was scalped, her face had some odd marks, and I don't collect that scale. If she was a Playpal brand doll I would have snagged her in an instant. But seeing how she was, I couldn't justify getting another doll. Especially one that is in such a large scale. Doing the whole real sized doll route is a little creepy, not sure if I want to cross into that territory. Besides Chatty Cathy is plenty big when I want to deal with a larger sized doll. And besides when I think about moving, I'm already thinking about the issues bringing Chatty Cathy, and she's a great deal shorter than this other doll. Imagine the amount of space she would take up to pack? Insane I tells ya! So I left her there. I would say that there's a shopping ban on dolls. Unless they're Barbie, (or Similar Sized) or a Chatty Cathy doll I shouldn't be getting them. The only exception would be if I found a vintage doll for a decent price (Similar to Cindy Sad Eyes). Let it be spoken! They also had a bunch of generic porcelain doll, which do nothing for me, so it was pretty easy to pass them by.
I didn't leave that store empty handed, no, no, no I certainly did not. I did a very unusual thing for me, I shopped for myself! (I know, all the junk I buy for the dolls is really for me, but Shhhh!) I ended up getting myself some new clothes. In early November we're going up to Connecticut, and that's forced me to really look at my wardrobe. Since I've lost all this weight most of my clothing just hangs on me. Most unflattering, and I honestly want to look my best up North. The overly baggy clothes are fine for tooling around the house, but out in public they just won't do. I've taken in a few of my shirts on my own, but there's only so much I can do. Also when I take them in it messes up where the collar and shoulder seam sit on me. It's a good "it'll do for now" type fix. I mean to replace my clothes, but that time never comes. Since I'm going to be in Connecticut for a while I guess it's time to really think about what I need to get. This trip I got a gray t-shirt that says "Old San Juan, Puerto Rico" it was the only one in my size that wasn't one of those free giveaway shirts that had a local company name and address. I'm not paying for that. I also got a green shirt that says "This is my Lucky Shirt" slim pickings, but I needed shirts. I didn't just stop with shirts, I got a pair of pants too. Some nice bugle boy tan slacks. I didn't get a chance to try them on at the store, but I did at home and the fit's really nice. I'm glad that I finally got some new clothes, makes me feel much better about the trip. Is that weird?
The dolls weren't completely ignored this shopping trip. I did find something kind of for them. Over in the craft section I found an new package of fake fur. It's a 9 by 12 inch piece of blond fur. It's still has the cardboard label on it from Westrim Crafts. It also had a price sticker for 1.42 from Rose's. Never heard of it before, but I scored it for 49 cents. Not too shabby when I get it cheaper than the original price. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Part of me wants to make another fur cape for the dolls. But I haven't even used the one that I had before. I wish I had a nice fur coat pattern. Couldn't you see Charlotte rocking a fake fur coat? I boy can dream can't I?
That's all I got while out. Nothing new or needed at Walmart. Still managed to avoid the Monster High dolls. Although if I ever see one second hand I might pick it up for science sake. But like I said I don't need anymore dolls, I need to get the ones I have all situated, but we know that'll never happen. ;)


  1. So glad to hear you picked up some new threads for yourself. It always makes a person feel good to get new fitted clothing after losing weight. I tend to wait until the clothes won't even stay on with a belt before I give in. I hate clothes shopping so I tend not to do it much. I hope next time you hit a thrift store that there will be better pickings for you to choose from. And oh my gosh so gross about the little boy peeing. As you said they could have gone to the side of the building if he really couldn't hold it to get to Hardee's. And I think it's interesting you've never heard of Rose's. We have several here in Fayetteville. To me is kind of like Big Lots. They offer items at cheaper prices. Sometimes you can find some good deals there. And as for a fut coat pattern, Google is your friend. I'm sure you can find something that would be to your liking and if you don't I know you could whip up something easy. Give it try, I bet you will surprise yourself. :-)

  2. Yeah, my pants were beginning to look like clown pants with the extra fabric that I had. Luckily these new pants fit much better.
    You see I've never heard of Rose's, there's a lot of stores in North Carolina that I we don't have up north. Ex; Food Lion, Hobby Lobby, Belks, Dillards, Lowe's Foods. Our stores have different names, but usually there's a counterpart for what they sell.