Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday was not much of a productive day...

Giddy from the success of Skipper on Friday, and still reeling from the challenge of yesterday I started anew today with a desire to sew. And with a greater desire to cross someone else off the list of dolls to be dressed (getting one off the list was addicting). The only issue is, I can't think of what to do. You all might remember my index card system I mentioned a week or so back. Yesterday I went though and edited it. I took out the card for Charlotte's Halloween costume and Skipper's. I also added a few dolls that I missed the first go around. I thought about what to work on next, but there's an issue... most of the cards left are totally blank except for the dolls name. So I actually have to design something I want to sew before I actually get to something.
So I picked one at random and started off looking for inspiration. It was one of my Marie Osmond dolls. Let me first tell you how hard it is to design for her. I wanted something appropriate for the era, and something like she would actually wear. Off to Google I went, and not a lot was found. Most of the pictures were of her from 2000 on, not a whole lot from the 1970s, which is surprising. Having exhausted my resources, and patience, I switched gears to a Momoko. Most of the Momoko dolls are dressed nicely it's only my sole blond Momoko that needs to be dressed. I got her the same time as Akikio, and as soon as they both arrived I spent most of my time re-rooting Akikio. I knew that if I didn't finish that re-root I'd never get it done. Unfortunately this left poor Cosette wearing whatever I had on hand. I vowed to remedy the issue, but I never got around to it. Today I thought I would work on her, and actually get her to a point where I liked what she was wearing.
I found a look online that I liked for a starting off point, and got to it. The first thing I made was a red shirt. I was using the Jersey knit again. I did it by hand like I used to, I wasn't up to wrestling with the sewing machine to try and make a passable pattern for the Momoko dolls. Instead I used what I thought was the right pattern. I had written "Momoko?" on it. After getting all of it done except for the snaps I tried it on. Turns out it really doesn't fit the Momoko body very well. The new shirt barely fits Skipper sized dolls, so I finished it for them. At least I can use it in general. I crossed off what I wrote on the pattern so I won't make that mistake again. You can see Ricky wearing that shirt in the first picture.
I tried making another skirt again in the evening. This was after I modified the pattern some, not making that mistake twice. Making shirts by hand are good time wasters when you're vegging out in front of the tv. You don't have to be as invested in what's going on as machine sewing, and you get something done compared to just sitting there. This shirt has it's own set of problems. I had wanted it not totally skin tight, but this was the opposite end of the spectrum. It's actually much to loose at the waist. In order to fit on Momoko I had to turn under the fabric at the bottom. It looks pretty bad from the back, not as bad from the front. Later I'm going to see if someone else looks better in it, so Momoko may be losing it. Either way, I don't think she's going to be wearing it long term. I think this is one for the reserves bag, to be called into duty another day. I'm thinking I need to rethink the entire outfit, I'm just not liking it. There's no point to make something that I don't even like it when I'm making it. I should have learned my lesson with Charlotte's original Halloween costume, which is languishing in the "to be finished" box. Which keeps getting larger and larger.
Oh! I also made a pair of red Momoko knee socks. I made them after the second shirt, since I still had some time too kill. These are actually cute, so I might use them sometime, just not sure where just yet. I also tried them on Skipper, they fit her too, they just go pretty far up the legs, like leggings. So she might wear them, maybe. Can I tell you how much I love that I know how to make knee socks? It's embarrassing the amount of money I've spent on dolls and outfits just because they had knee socks. But I don't have to do that anymore! I can make my own in any type of jersey knit! Love, love, love it!

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