Friday, October 15, 2010

A tired Day at Aubrey's Mind

It's Friday and I'm still exhausted at heck. Messing up my sleeping pattern earlier really screwed me up. You see I have pretty poor sleeping habits anyway. Lots of time I'll be tired all day, get into bed, then can't shut my brain off and go to sleep. Often I find myself snapping wide awake when I'm in bed. So when my sleep cycle gets messed up one day it really takes me a while to get back into the swing of things. It's vicious. My Mom has the same problem so it's genetic. Hopefully it'll get better soon, I'm getting tired of being tired all day, which is ironic.
Not much done on the sewing plane, or cooking. Although I ate the last of the Apple Roses today. Personally I really like them, so I know even if they aren't popular in Connecticut I'll be willing to eat the rest of them. But I do think people will like them up there, they do like Apple pie in general and these are pretty close. Even though I didn't get much done today I did end up spending money. I know, I'm terrible, but these are things that I actually wanted/needed. Plus I spent under two dollars for everything, so at least I was frugal in my splurges.
I went with my father as we went out to pick my brother up from school. We were going to go somewhere afterward, but we got to the school early because he had a meeting there. When we got there it turns out the person he was meeting wasn't there at that time. So we had some time to kill before my brother's class got out. Since the Habitat for Humanity store is super close to the school I asked if we could go there instead of just waiting in the parking lot. So a short minute later we were there, although we could just as easily walked over. After walking in I noticed something pretty big. They had gotten rid of all of their fabric pieces. The shelves were almost bare, except for the Christmas decorations that had spread to it. I wonder if they sold them all in like one giant lot, or just had gotten rid of them altogether. I hope that they get more in. While it was a pain to sort through them I still found some pieces that I liked. Still haven't used most of them, but still. Losing a fabric resource hurts. There's not a lot of places that sells fabric locally, especially since Walmart stopped. Now all that's left is Hobby Lobby. But my sadness wasn't too extreme, like I said, I hope they get more in eventually. It would be a shame if that was the end of the fabric section totally. With that section off my list I looked over their small toy section. Nothing I would ever want or need. I have yet to see an actual doll there. Most times it's messed up board games, or lame stuffed animals. I don't really understand why they even have a toy section, but that's just me. I also looked over their book section. I've been feeling the pinch of limited sewing education lately and I've been wanting a book to look at and teach myself some sewing skills that I'm missing, or at least reference when I screw up time and time again. Here I found a book that might help me. From 1972 it's Kwik-Sew's book about Men's Wear. It gives you all sorts of tips and tricks as well as detailed instructions on how to sew shirts, pants, suits, t-shirts for men. The only thing I can think of that's missing are shorts and underwear. It doesn't give you the patterns, but it certainly shows you what to do with them once you have them. Honestly I've been thinking about branching out into making my own clothes, and this book will give me great help when I'm starting out. I just have to find actual patterns that don't suck. Has anyone else noticed the lack of decent men's sewing patterns? Now a days all you can make for men are vests, bathrobes, and scrubs. And I don't need any of those. But when I do find a pattern I want to make for me, this book really will help me once I'm there. Also it only cost a quarter (27 cents with tax), now I really can't pass that up. When will I ever find a book like that for that cheap? Oh! Do you remember that craft book I bought when I got my most recent Vintage Skipper? I found out that it's really part of a set of twenty. This store had all twenty. I mentioned it to my dad and he went "Uh oh!" luckily I decided that I didn't even want the book that I had, so it was easy to walk past all of those books, especially with the fact that even at that great price they had for books it would have cost me ten dollars to get them all. And since they're also filled with knitting and crochet I can't even do 2/3rd of the book. So no reason to get them. I also found out that the local library has them too, so if I ever get the desire to look at them, I can easily get to them. So I left with just that one book.
So then we picked up my brother and headed off to our original destination. Which was in fact the store where I got vintage Skipper. It's never usually opened, so I was curious at to how much of a turnaround that store had. The answer not a lot. A lot of what I saw there was the same stuff that I saw last time. I did however find some stuff there that I wanted. I'll just say this right off the bat, I didn't get anymore Barbie dolls, I actually didn't even see a Barbie doll there. The closest thing was a really beat up newer Barbie styling head. I did however find a copy of the Singer sewing book printed in 1969. The dust jacket was all messed up (I've since thrown it out) and it had some water damage. Actually the back of the dust jacket was stuck to the book. I had to carefully peel it off at home. There's some mold stains on the back, and I've since washed it. I figure as long as I'm careful it should be okay. Inside is filled with so much sewing information. Just flipping though it gives me hope that I can learn so much from this book. Although, it doesn't have a section for sewing mens clothes. It has a section for womens, boys, and girls, but nothing for men. Luckily I got that other book all about Men's clothing so I'm not missing anything. It's just odd that it's not mentioned anywhere in this book. But I guess there's enough overlap in regular sewing skills so this book will be an asset when sewing that.
With that in hand I looked around a bit more. I found some older sewing patterns, maybe ones from the 60's. All I know was that there were none for men, so I passed them by. There's not much of a craft section, or at least not much of what I assume is their craft section. Nothing is really organized well in that place. Shoved over in a section I found it. I was so exited. It's a half yard of red velvet. You have no idea how long it's been on my list. So you might be seeing this soon again as Charlotte's Christmas dress, I just have to actually design what she's going to wear.
That's all I found there that I wanted. But I was so bad, I made my Dad check out for me. I don't know what that place does to me, but it really makes me revert back to my anti-social ways. I think it's because the people there are a little pushy when it comes to sales. They tried to talk my Dad into getting a work table, I guess for the sewing stuff? Last time we were there, they tried to get up to buy some chairs, even though our purchases had nothing to do with chairs. The book and the fabric came to a buck fifty. Which is none to shabby by my standards. I just have to figure out where I'm going to put the books, my sole bookshelf is getting pretty crowded. I'm sure I could weed out something though. Whew, so tired!


  1. Wow, you know I never thought about the lack of men's clothing patterns out there. But they are usually just shorts or robes or something of that kind. I guess the figure most men won't sew their own clothing or they won't wear it if their SO does it for them. I think that's bull of course. This is a market that needs tapping for sure. Your purchases look cool and I hope you do try sewing clothing for yourself. That book looks very helpful and won't it be nice to have a fit made just for you? :-) I want to try sewing for myself but I'm so nervous I will mess it up some how. I need more guts for sure. *sigh*

  2. It's frustrating, but it just means I have to keep my eyes peeled at second hand stores to find men's patterns. Although I'm going to get some from Hobby Lobby next pattern sale. I'm pretty nervous about sewing for myself. I screw up often on my own clothes, I doubt that it'll be easier in full scale!

  3. I am the same way. I have several patterns in my size but I am so scared to do, even though I did it in high school but that's been a while. I need to just suck it up and do it to it. Maybe I will try it as a Christmas gift to myself...maybe not. LOL!