Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Typewriter Tuesday for the Win!

Typewriter Tuesday went smashing today! Once again I got two pages done, which is a nice break from those weeks were I couldn't get any done. Jumping back those ten pages really helped me. Earlier I was just trying to jump back into a really emotional part of my book after taking such a huge break and that was stupid. I had forgotten who my characters were and what motivated them. By jumping back to a less emotionally intense scene I'm able to emerge myself back into their world. I got my two pages done pretty quick, and would have continued, but I got to a point where I wanted to stop and think about a line of dialogue. I want just the right wording, but it just wasn't coming to me at the time. If I stopped and think about it, I'll be able to get into it next time I sit down to write. This happened last week too, so I know that it should work.
Love it when I'm able to get something done!

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