Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Unusual Thursday to say the least.

Didn't get a whole lot done today with sewing. I'm just dragging my feet on all my projects, and I don't know why I can't get myself into gear. It's perplexing, nothing is really capturing my attention. Hopefully I'll find a project that I just can't wait to jump into and it just invigorates me. Maybe I'll be better once all of this Christmas planning is over with. Fingers crossed.
Today's laziness is probably partly to blame with me being super sleepy. You see I got woken up by the dog this morning at 5:21. He was whining and making a real racket from downstairs. I'm a bit shocked that nobody else heard him, since my room is further away than the rest of the house. Turns out he had an accident and had urinated in his crate. He was whining because he was stuck sitting in it. I don't blame him for being upset, I know I would. He's never done that before. So I let him out and stumbled back to bed, knowing I could deal with it later in the morning. And I did, I just dragged the crate outside and dumped it. I was going to go back later and wash it out, but then it started pouring outside. And I let the rain do that for me. Lucky me huh? Hopefully this was a one time occurrence, or else puppy's going to be spending more time outdoors at night.
But later in the morning I wasn't getting any sewing done, so I did something else creative. I did some cooking. It was something that I wanted to try for a few weeks now. I had found this recipe online to make Apple Roses. They looked really simple to make, and super yummy! I was thinking about making something to bring up to Connecticut when we go in November, but didn't know what. When I found this they looked perfect for what I wanted, but I had to make them first to see if they were any good. So over the past two weeks I collected the ingredients when shopping. Today I tried a hand on making them. I didn't bother with pictures since I basically did it the same way at the link at the bottom, also the kitchen's a mess. They were slightly more complicated that I was expecting (aren't they always), but I learned a lot about making them. I accidentally over cooked them a bit, but they still came out nicely. I ate most of them, and I don't even like actual apple pie. They have a really nice apple pie taste to them, but they're not as soggy as Apple Pie can get. I'm going to make them again soon, just to try the tweaks that I though up, I'm still not sure if I'll make them for Connecticut, but I really am thinking they're going to go. Maybe you'll get to see the second batch, or the third!
Here's the recipe I used: Apple Roses
If you make it I'd love to hear how your goes!


  1. Those look super yummy. If it weren't for me going gluten-free I would so try these. I hope you show us how yours look next time. Take them outside if you are worried about a dirty kitchen or play up a corner somewhere that you can neatly crop. Yep, I speak from the experienced mind. ;-)

  2. Oh right, how's the gluten free life going? One of my friends had issues with that back in college and had to cut it out of her life too. They do make alternatives for some foods. I remember the brownies were pretty decent.
    And I'm totally making these again, I'll try to take a picture this time.

  3. Playing catch up on your blog again and needed to go back to see your comment responses, yet getting behind again. *sigh* The gluten-free thing is s-l-o-w going. But I am determined to stick to it. I tried a gluten-free cake that was an experience I'll have to blog about for sure. I saw you did some baking as I went backwards to see which posts I need to read. Looking forward to seeing all you've been up to. :-)