Friday, October 22, 2010

Upcoming Plans and Events

I hope you understand the meaning behind the sole photo in today's blog. Soon I'm going to be forced to say goodbye to y'all for a bit. I'll be traveling up to Connecticut to celebrate an early Christmas with my family (before the Grandparents go south to Florida for the winter). They're kind of like birds. I hope you all haven't forgotten, I certainly haven't. I've been trying to stay on top of things here, packing a little each day. Although that's Charlotte's suitcase you see in the photos. Mine's much bigger and the color's not as cool, although there's more stuff in it. Right now hers is empty, although I did place it on the bookshelf, waiting to be filled. Obviously she coming up with me, I just have to decide what fun outfits she's going to need. It's tricky since I don't know if I'll get much play time with her, I just wouldn't want to be missing something in case the need arose. (Like being invited for tea with the Queen, or going snorkeling, you never know people! I need to plan!) I'm also on the fence about bringing another doll with us. Right now I have about four dolls that I might bring, it all depends on how I feel eventually that will decide who's coming along with us. Right now it's more important to pack for Charlotte, since I know she's going. Right now all I've planned on bringing is a warm coat for her. Any suggestions cyber-readers? My personal packing goes together much easier since I have a much limited wardrobe, but I still need to pack a lot since I'm going to be spending a long time up in CT (Almost two weeks, without internet!) Promise you'll wait for me readers, promise me.
As we get closer to out date of travel it also means soon it will be time to start making the Christmas candy baskets. It's still to early to start, but we're getting closer to that date by the second (literally). Soon I'm going to be covered with chocolate, marshmallow, and peppermint. We have October 27th as the official candy start day, anytime before that and it will get stale before we can get it to the people up North. Since I'm the one that this projects been handed to that means most of my personal projects are going to get stopped and set aside for a bit. Knowing this I've decided to slow down and hone my to do list to one that's more manageable for the short time I've got left before my candy torture begins. I tried to be realistic, but as we all know if I don't make it to all of them, there's no real punishment.
Here's the list in no particular order;
1. Finish what I'm working on for Charlotte (Pretty simple, finish the project for Charlotte that I'm doing at this exact moment. And pretty standard, I usually always have something in progress for her. Right now it's the 80's outfit.)
2. Give Bild Lilli some hair (I'm trying to be better about using the things I buy at Hobby Lobby each week. Since I bought her hair last week it should go to say that I should at least attempt to give her hair.)
3. Another doll introduction (Still trying to get rid of the header, the sooner the better)
4. Get a doll off the redress list (Just one doll off the list would be great.)
5. Post another post about the sewing cabinet (This was be the first post about drawer two)
6. Clean up this mess! (I'd love to have a clean room to come back to, but this one's the least likely to happen.)
So there it is, plain and simple. For the time I have left I'm going to be focusing on these projects trying to get them done before I start in on the candy projects.
Hopefully I'll get them done, finger's crossed people, finger's crossed.


  1. How goes the list? That's a lot to get done in 5 days! I hope you are able to get some of it done for sure. As for what you should pack for Charlotte, humm, well the must haves of undergarments, maybe some lounge wear, and of course the already mentioned coat. But maybe do some fall themed clothing for maybe some outside picture shots? Just an idea. Accessories are always good as well. So when do you leave for up north? I think it's cool your grandparents go down south for the winter. They're life lovebirds. :-) The candy sounds yummy, you will have to take pictures and tell us how you make them, unless that's a family secret then mums the word.

  2. The list is going, slowly but surely. Each day I get closer to being done, and each day I'm closer to the deadline. Eek!
    We're leaving on the 5th of November, which keeps getting closer and closer. Hopefully Charlotte and I will be packed by then!
    I'll share with the candy, it's nothing groundbreaking, I'm sure each item can be found online, but I'll share so you don't have to search for it!