Thursday, October 7, 2010

We got out shopping a little later in the week than normal. Once again against normal behavior I skipped Hobby Lobby. Shocking I know, I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up from the floor. It's just that I'm still working on all the projects that I bought materials for last week. Hopefully this week I'll start finishing some of those before I find others to start. I keep adding projects to the pile without finishing any first. I guess I need to be more disciplined about finishing what I start. Either that, or I have to get a larger workroom. Also I skipped Hobby Lobby because I didn't see anything on sale that I needed. Maybe next week their sales will be a bit more enticing to get me into the store. Either that or I'll keep working on the projects I already have slated, and I hope I don't have to keep doing THAT.
Without going to Hobby Lobby I went off to Walmart. I looked though their toy section. I looked over the Moxie doll clothes for the Momoko dolls. The clothes are nice, but not really my style. It's bit of a "party girl at the club vibe" and my girls just don't do that. We're pretty much a quiet bunch here, so I passed. I also looked over at the Liv doll clothes. I really want the yellow hounds tooth jacket I saw online, but it's not in stock, and even if it was six dollars is a little much to pay for just one item of clothing, no thank you. I ended up leaving Walmart without anything. Not shocking since most of the currant play line doesn't really fit in with the collection. Now that I'm making more of my own clothes I can be a bit more critical of what comes in. The last doll I bought first hand was the Fashionista doll to get the body, before the it was Becky, way back in February! I guess I really am starting to collect compared to play... just don't ask the dolls their opinion...
I was kind of being a brat and complained about how I didn't get anything to my father. He offered to take me to the Second Hand store to at least look, I eagerly accepted. Minor side note; whenever I go to these stores I need to look at their clothing. Mine are getting a little large, and it really shows. In November I'm going to Connecticut, and I would like my wardrobe to at least look presentable. I just usually forget to look at the clothing, I guess I'm a bit too picky. Which is funny if you really saw my wardrobe. At this store toys were half off, which was nice. Although I didn't find any toys that I wanted. Which is sad, but not really. I still haven't done anything with the dolls I'm keeping from the Blue Box of Doom. So it's going to be cramped quarters when I do get around to it. There was also some fabric that I looked at that. It was Holiday fabric, it was tempting, but the price was little much, plus I wasn't that in love with it. Still have no idea what Charlotte's going to wear for her Christmas dress yet, right now I'm just happy that I finally got her Halloween costume designed and finished. When I was looking through the store in my final sweep, I found this:

Do you see what it is? It's an odd little straw baby carriage, but it's not going to stay that way. I'm going to be changing it for Charlotte's basket for her little red riding hood costume. It's about the right size and everything. When I brought it up to the cashier a woman waiting with me asked if someone was having a baby. I looked at her for a second before I realized why she asked that. "Was she calling be fat? Oh, wait, it's a baby carriage." I lied and said my cousin was having a kid. Yeah, I lied. I hope we all can move beyond it. I didn't feel like explaining that I was going to use it for a basket for my dollies. I rarely like to admit to being that lame in public. In the car I worked on removing some of the added wicker parts. I don't need the wheels or the piece in the front. I'm going to have to paint over the white paint. You'll see pictures when it's done. It may take a bit though, that white paint is persistent!


  1. Cute basket. I can't wait to see it when it's done. It's kind of funny, even though I am sewing now I just don't want to put anything I sew on my dolls for some reason. I want factory clothes. I'm so weird. My stuff I make sure I sew good and I love it when it's done, but I don't want to keep it for my dolls or even plan out making something for my dolls to keep. I'm so weird. Oh and don't consider yourself lame because you like dolls. I used to be embarrassed about it too, but then I thought hey it's not hurting anyone so why am I not allowed to enjoy my hobby? If we all have this one life then we should be able to live it and enjoy it as we want. But I can understand wanting to avoid conversation, I'm the same way. I just want my purchase so I can get out of there and go home. So I won't fault you on that. ;-) And kudos on the weight loss. I wish I could say my clothes are doing the same. They are starting to, but not at a point I am happy. One day though, one day they will be extremely baggie. Fingers crossed tight on that one. :-)

  2. It's just a little nontraditional for guys to collect dolls, but I'm always one to buck the trends. So I'm getting better about it, for the longest it was a secret thing, where the only people who know about it were my immediate family. I've been getting a little more open about it, but there's still moments of embarrassment.
    I'm sure you'll clothes will get baggier in time, it's certainly took a while for me to get to this point, so I'm sure you can make it!
    I believe in you!