Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who are you wearing? Day 2!

Since there's no guesses about the costume from yesterday's post. I'm continuing on with this slow reveal of Charlotte's costume. I would like to say that I've created a puzzle that nobody could figure out, but I have a sinking suspicion that nobody's just read the blog yet. It's not a total shock, I only have four readers (and I love each and every one of you!). So here we go onto day two, but first a quick on topic note dealing with yesterday. Charlotte changed shoes since that posting. She's now swiped Ashley's black Mary Jane heels. While I liked the Momoko shoes, they're a bit bulbous at the end, it's an issue I have with them, even on Momoko. These shoes are just as cute, and fit better. I wish I didn't have to steal them for her, but Ashley didn't mind. She's kind like that. And when Charlotte's done, Ashley will get her shoes back, so it's not for keepsies.
Anyway onto the actual costume pieces for today. First up we have an underskirt. When I was designing Charlotte's costume I wanted to have some trim visible from under the skirt. Initially I was just going to attach it to the skirt, but when I designed the skirt I found out that I couldn't. The way I made the skirt made it impossible to just attach the trim. So I made an underskirt to skirt that issue (Get it, "skirt"?). I first tested it out to see how it would look, since I wasn't sure about changing my plans midway though. I was going to make a mock up, but for the life of me I couldn't find the white skirt that I made a while back that I was going to use. I literally tore apart my room looking for it, I even looked through the donated doll pile to see if I put it on someone in there. Still haven't found it, so I had to use something else. Don't you hate how that happens? The mock up went together nicely, so I started on the actual one. If you look at the picture you can see the trim on the skirt. This is the trim I bought earlier in the week at hobby lobby, I'm trying to be good this week and actually use things before I buy more stuff, so far so good. It came out cute (which is what I was hoping for.) and since it's an underskirt when I'm not using this outfit I can find another home for it. I never noticed how much I needed underskirts until I started making them, but isn't that always the case? You might be able to see the row of blanket stitches at top. I used the blanket stitch a lot on this project, it's a good thing I like doing it. I think it really adds to the piece. It accidentally ended up a little short at the waist for Barbie, so she suffers from a little gap-itis in the back. I had to use a hook and eye to close it, otherwise it would have been too short to be visible under the skirt. Even now you have to tug it down because it keeps riding up. Pretty cute huh?

Next we have the shirt for the outfit. Another white piece, although this is calico while the underskirt is broadcloth. Hopefully I'll get rid of the broadcloth soon, I keep mixing them up. This one is familiar to everyone who's read the blog before. The shell is made from the same pattern as the Steampunk blouse, just with different sleeves. I used the modified school girl sleeve pattern for this. They don't hit right at the wrist, but for this it's fine. I used a Peter Pan collar to finish the top. I tried something new with it, but still had issues with it. I guess collars are the newest bane of my existence. I did the blanket stitch at the bottom, and also at the collar, but you can't see it at the neckline. And that's fine with me. Not much else to say about this. It closes with two snaps at the back, and I still hate making shirts. It looks good right? Speaking of good, how do you like the red underwear that I post-production-ed onto Charlotte? It's a bit of a clue...

So, any guesses for today's post? Don't worry if you can't guess it, it's still very vague. Tomorrow it'll crystal clear, unless I decide to stretch it out for another day. I guess I like making tons of pieces for one outfit, who knew.

And this is another, pretty fun, huh?

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