Monday, October 4, 2010

Who are you wearing? Day 3!

Still no guesses on Charlotte's Halloween costume, I also think that there hasn't been any readers just yet. Although today I figured out how to have my blog show up in my profile. Not sure why Google doesn't automatically do that, it's one of those, DUR things. Anyway, here's on to day three of Charlotte's costume.

Here we finally are on to the actual dress of this costume. It's a nice red number. This is why I bought that red calico at the store the other day. I wanted a nice true red color. The maroon I had just wouldn't have worked out, although I did use it for making a mock up of the costume before I got this fabric. It's a dress of a very simple design. It's the bodice you've seen a million times before, with a pleated skirt attached. Pretty simple, something you've seen time and time again from me. Originally I was going to add shoulder straps, but looking at it I decided it wasn't needed. Also here I've included the dress with all the other items that you've seen before to give you an overall look of the outfit so far. You cal also see the new shoes, I don't have any pictures that include the old Momoko shoes. Honestly I like this outfit even at this incomplete state. I guess even when making costumes I err on the side of practicability, making things that can be used in other outfits.

You know what? I'm going to spread this out another day. Leave you guessing another sleepless night. Serve you all right for not reading my blog. So there! Neh!


  1. Ok I have to make a guess before I read on to find out. At first I thought it was Minnie Mouse with the red dress. Then I thought it was Annie. But now I think it's Little Red Riding Hood. I can't wait to find out. :-)