Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who are you wearing? Day 4!

Still no guesses, still no readers. (Come on guys, you're killing me here!) It's time to finish this up! I've dragged this on long enough (even by my standards!) I'll let the photos speak for themselves, then I'll talk. Is it obvious yet? If not I'll just tell you, this year Charlotte is going to be; "Little Red Riding Hood". I know, I know Mattel did that a few years ago, but I think mine's different enough to justify it being done again. Also theirs was a sassy reinterpretation, and mine's a little more literal.
Now to break down the item in question. You should be able to make out the jacket cape that I've done a few times before. This one is different because it's lined with some red batiste, that I've had forever. (Another Walmart impulse purchase) It's really slippery and hard to work with, but I like the look. Although, I can imagine the liner tearing eventually. I added a line of the trim from the underskirt to the end of the cape. I added it after the entire cape was done, so I could easily remove it if I wanted it gone. The cape goes together pretty easy if you don't mess it up, luckily this time I didn't. With it done I started the hood. This should also look familiar, it's the hood pattern that I drafted way back for my Lady Gaga look. Except this time I lined it like I lined the cape. Otherwise you can see the unfinished edges of the inside. I used the batiste again. Still have tons of that left, so I may end up using it again and again. I had some issue with the lining and the outer fabric not staying together. I ended up doing a row of blanket stitches around the rim. I also did it at the hair hole in the back (yes, there's a hair hole.). I really like how the blanket stitch looks, plus it's fun to do. After that I attached it. It's a little off centered, but nothing too extreme. I'm not redoing it, but if I decided to use this costume long term, I might go back and re-do it.
So that's it. That's Charlotte's Halloween costume, as of right now. Some minor things might change, but overall this is the final look. The only thing I can think of changing are the shoes again, and finding a basket that would work for it. How else can Little Red Riding Hood bring treats for her sick Grandmother? And about shoes, I would love to get the black rounded toe Mary Jane shoes from the Barbie Basics Shoe Pack, I'd just have to find it. (There's no Targets in Asheboro, and we hardly get to Greensboro.) But I hope eventually get it.
Pics of the whole outfit tomorrow!


  1. Eeeeeee, I was right!!! I am in such awe how you can just whip and outfit together like that. I wish I was that good. :-( I'm still at the stage of needing simple patterns, but now I making my own patterns slowly but surely so I suppose there is hope for me yet. :-) And kudos to you working that slippery fabric. I have yet to try any of mine that I've foolishly accumulated...from Walmaart. LOL!

  2. Well, I'm still using simple patterns, I'm just modifying them. But I did make the hood pattern, but it's more of a necessity thing. I'd use a real pattern if I could.
    And slippery fabric looks nice but a total pain to work with! At least it looks nice, or else it would be out with the trash.