Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Wooftastic Journey on Saturday

(That's Pach over there, Just FYI)
Today was exciting because we almost got a dog. We ended up not, but we had a huge annoying adventure before reaching that conclusion.
A while back my Dad volunteered to help at the local pet shelter. He knows the wife of the man who runs it. They're having this fundraiser/pet adoption fair today, and my dad felt it would be nice to help. After signing up to do that he thought it might be a good time to shop for another dog since he was there anyway. We've been thinking about getting another dog, to keep Pach company. Since he spends so much of his day alone another dog would be nice to keep him company. Our neighbor has dogs and he just lets them roam wherever they want (road included) and Pach sees them doing that, and he get very lonely. A few times he has gotten out of his gated area and he likes playing with them. I wouldn't think it would be such a big deal to let him from time to time out, but the fact that these dogs are allowed to go everywhere, including sleeping in the road, is a safety concern. Also this guy doesn't vaccinate his dogs, so we don't know how healthy they are. So we give them all a wide berth. If we got another dog Pach will have a dog to play with in his area, and that would be really great because he would have someone to tire him out. But my Dad had to find a dog that he actually liked in order to think about getting one, so let's not get too ahead of ourselves.
But of course he had to find one he liked. Once he got the idea into his head that he was going to get a dog he managed to find one he liked, no shock to anyone involved. But the biggest issue was if not Pach liked him. He was going to be the one that he spent the most time with after all. So that means Ian, my mother and I all had to go down to the animal rescue with the dog in tow. Let me say that the local animal rescue is tucked away in the most difficult area to find. None of us are strong at directions, but this was absolute torture to find. Meanwhile I'm in the back with the dog bouncing all over me, stepping all over me, and on my soft squishy bits. Not a pleasant experience. Meanwhile we're out in the middle of nowhere and the "low gas" light pops on. We did eventually find the place, but none of us were happy campers about the trip up there. Never want to repeat that experience again.
So we get there and I get out to meet this new dog. He's cute. He's brown, similar to the size of Pach, but with a HUGE head. So take Pach out of the car and bring him over to meet the other dog... and Pach growls. He growls a few time at the dog. He's not a fan. So we bring him back to the car and Ian watches him while I take the new dog for a walk. He seemed alright, a very sweet dog, didn't pull on the leash, which was nice. When we put him back in the crate my dad showed me a cat that he liked. It was a black haired female cat named Bella. She was very pretty. Then I went back to the car and Ian got to look at the dog and the cat. When they came back we talked it over. It turns out that at the shelter it costs 15 dollars to adopt a pet, unless they had to spay or neuter it. If they had to do that it was 95 dollars! Isn't that an insane price jump? The new dog wasn't fixed, and neither was the cat. So we'd have to pay for that out of pocket. And right now that's a bit much. So we decided to pass on both animals. With our going away to Connecticut in less than a month, it'll be easier to board one dog compared to two. Also if we wanted a dog, it's easy to find one whenever, there's no shortage of unwanted pets out there.
So we headed home tired, in pain (Pach has long nails) and annoyed. Then my dad took Pach home with him, so Ian didn't even have to take his turn with the dog in the backseat! How unfair! So it can be safe to say that I didn't get anything done today, no shock there.


  1. Pach is a very handsome dog. I think you made the right choice about putting off getting a dog now with your trip coming. But then again who knows you may find the perfect pet before then still. You may want to try shelters in other nearby towns. It'd be best if you found a place that already fixed their animals. Like the shelter here won't adopt a pet out if it's not fixed first. I think the price does loom around 80-95 dollars here too. It sucks but if you consider the price of paying a vet to do it you do get a pretty good deal there. So just keep that in mind when you go on the hunt again.

  2. What's weird is that this place will let you adopt an unfixed animal, but you have to sign a voucher saying you'll get it done, which is just odd.
    My sister works at a vet's office, so if she knows that we're looking for a dog she'll be more than willing to find one for us. The only issue is that she likes "so ugly their cute" dogs, and I certainly don't.