Monday, November 22, 2010

And I'm Back!

I finally got back to North Carolina today. My Grandparents and I left Connecticut on Sunday, traveling most of the day, and stopping for the night in Virginia. This morning we got back into the Suburban went the rest of the way, getting back home today at four. And I won't lie there were times that I thought I'd never be back here again. This Connecticut trip was interesting to say the least. It was filled with a variety of experiences, some good... some not so good. It's also been filled with a bunch of people, some good... some not so good, but that's to be expected. Now that I'm back home (with internet!) I'll be able to update my blog and share my experiences with you all. I do have a lot (and I do mean a lot) of stuff to share with you, so bear with me as I sort though all my stuff and tell you about certain things. I'll probably still be talking about this trip for the next couple of weeks with you all. I left here with a tan suitcase, my backpack, and my sewing case. I came back with all that but also with a huge red duffel bag that I dubbed "The Red Behemoth." I picked up some stuff from storage, but I also got stuff from my Grandparents, and stuff from our early Christmas. I've been starting to unpack tonight, but that is a slow process. Right now it looks like my suitcases exploded in my room. Hopefully with some hard work I can get my room back into some sense of order. Until then my room's going to have to wait, and so will my sewing. But fear not, I still have lots to talk about here, so much I'm sure you'll be bored before I shut up.
Also my room is also a little bit worse for wear when I came back. Instead of describing it for you, I'll show you a picture of the damage.See that? That is my window. And no, someone did not try to break in, someone tried to break out. And here's a photo of the culprit.That's Chester on my bed, acting nonchalant, with his back to the camera. I had left my door to the room open kindly/foolishly when we left so that the cats would have a place to rest when we were away. Instead Chester over there decided to get into trouble and try to claw his way out. Luckily the glass held up or else I'm sure he would have clawed his way out. He also damaged another blind, but that one's the one he really destroyed. He also used my laundry bag as a personal toilet, instead of using the litter box, but I'm trying to not take that as a personal insult. And that was only in for few days that my parents and sibling was away, not the whole time like I was gone for. He got into a lot of mischief in four days! But that's enough chatting for tonight. Tomorrow is another day and this mess is going to be here then too.

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