Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone who's celebrating has a good holiday, and everyone who doesn't has a good day in general. My family and I are doing something low key for today. My sister was unable to get the day off (she does have Christmas off however!) so it's just my brother and parents here for the day. Although up in Connecticut we got to do the whole big family dinner thing. I think there were 21 people there? Maybe 21, could be more, I honestly cannot remember. I just did a recount, there were 21 people there. So that was pretty chaotic, so it's going to be a nice small dinner together, just the four of us.
So in honor of today here's the top things I'm thankful for;
1. My Family (Including extended, some more that others)
2. My Pets (Even when they destroy my blinds)
3. My Health (May it continue)
4. Charlotte (And the rest of my plastic family)
5. My Sewing Machine (May we have many years together)
6. My Blog and my Blog readers (All of you who make me want to keep doing this!)
7. My Friends (You know who you are)
8. My Book; Ballad of Submission (Hopefully I'll get back into working on it)
9. Presents! (Yeah, I'm shallow like that)
10. And whatever else I'll remember after I publish this! (It never fails)

So that's my list, although I'm sure if I think about it longer I'll find a bunch of things I want to change or move around on it. What is everyone else thankful for? I'd love to hear it. I hope everyone's Holiday is safe and happy. And be careful if you go out for Black Friday.
Be safe!

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