Thursday, November 4, 2010

Until we meet again!

No new picture today, no time to take one and even if I could you wouldn't want to see me right now. It's not a pretty picture.
I've got a full agenda to get done before 2:00 PM. So I've been up since six, ugh not fun. Here's a breakdown of what I've got on my plate today;
Going to take the dog to the vets (in Raleigh).
Pick up my Sister's suitcase (Also in Raleigh).
Pick up Alex's Christmas present (Again, in Raleigh)
Go to Target to find that blasted Barbie shoe pack (this will be our third attempt. If they don't have it this time I will literally freak out and have a total toddler melt down in the store. )
Finish my final packing (It's never done)
Make the apple roses for CT (two batches)
Pack the baskets (The bane of my existence)
Pack the car (making sure I haven't missed anything)
Sit in it for 13+ hours (ewww)
And by the time I'm out of the car again I'll be in Connecticut. Where I'll be spending a great deal of time, in fact the date that I'm coming home keeps extending. So you might not hear from me for a while since my internet is pretty non-existent up there. But don't worry about forgetting me, I did add something to remember that I'm still here. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for it ;)
Until then, hope everyone has a good early/mid November.

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