Friday, November 26, 2010

The word of the day is shoes.

Or at least the word of the trip to Connecticut was shoes. While I was up there I went to the storage unit to clear out some of the stuff in it. It's been a while since I was there, and now that I was looking at it more objectively I realized I wasn't sure why I was keeping some of that stuff. At the time I was thinking that eventually I could use it for something, but now it's been over two years and I still haven't used most of it, or even thought about it. What's the point with being saddled with all this junk that you're never going to use? I ended up taking a trash bag with me and clearing out a bunch of stuff that I would never ever use. It was very therapeutic. When I was there I also took some stuff that I wanted. Lots of it were shoes. Earlier I would take shoes, but only ones that I found in pairs. Looking back I realize how counter-productive that was. What I should have been doing was collecting all the solo shoes I found and then sorted them out afterward. I mean how did I know that the shoe I "kept" finding wasn't really a pair that I only managed to find one at a time? So that's what I started to do this time. Every time I found a shoe, no matter the condition, style, or if I "liked it" I would stick it into my backpack. Later I would go though and sort though what I had pulling out the pairs that I had found. Here's the results of that little endeavor; See all those? This little project netted me 104 pairs of shoes. Plus a bag full of mismatches just waiting for their match to show up (most of which I really doubt ever will). Now before you begin to rant and rave about the sheer amount of shoes that I had just lying around I would like to point out that this was over decades of collection, and a lot of them are from dollar store type dolls. Actually a lot of them don't fit Barbie. After taking this picture I started to sort them. I grabbed Charlotte, a vintage doll, a Momoko, a Skipper, and a Ken doll. Then I began trying shoes on to see what I had would fit each dolls. It was here that I was able to take a lot of the shoes out that didn't fit anyone. There's a type of high heel mold that came from a dollar store that I have a variety of colors, the problem is that nobody can wear them. It's a shame because it is a pretty designed shoe and some of the colors are nice, but it just doesn't fit on Barbie's feet. Out of those 104 pairs I eliminated 41 of them. Most of them didn't fit, but some of them are for style reasons. For example the two pairs of sky blue snowboard boots. I have them, but I don't like them, and really can't think of an outfit I'd want to use them for. So that means I'm going to stick them into a bag that lives in the closet where I store all the matched shoes that I can never think I'll find a use for. That way they are handy for whatever reason, but I don't have to sort through them each time I look for shoes that I want. After I figured out which ones were going to go into the collection it was time to clean them. All of them are going to get cleaned, but I did want to start with the ones that I wanted to keep. A lot of the shoes have gotten dirty from the amount of playing I did with them, not to mention the two years of storage not doing them any favors. So I devised a washing machine of sorts, using a container from some Chinese food I added a few pairs at a time until it was full. Then I added some (hand) soap and water, sealing it tightly with the lid. Then I shook them around to my hearts content. I had to change the water a few times. It's my very own washing machine powered by... me. I like how that works, so I might keep that around for some clothes washing. When I was satisfied with how clean they looked I turned them out of the container onto a towel to dry. These are most of the ones that I got cleaned and put away today. In this picture you can see all the Kelly shoes I found (three pairs) and all the Momoko shoes (five pairs), plus all the flat sneakers that fit, Barbie, Momoko, and Skipper. Plus some other Barbie type shoes. This little exercise practically doubled the pairs of shoes that the Momoko's have to pick from. Hopefully this means I'll be able to finally dress Cosette. This also netted me the pair of Pilgrim shoes that came with the Daphne Scooby Doo doll. This is good because they're a nice 70's style, so someday a vintage doll will be rocking them. Some of the highlights from this group.
You know what's weird? I effectively doubled my shoe collection, but I still want more. Does that count as an addiction? Although I don't have this issue with my shoes. My senior year of college I amassed about eight pairs of shoes and thought that was a decadent amount. But we should all know by now that Barbie doesn't play by my rules.

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