Monday, December 27, 2010

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back!

Finally back in North Carolina this evening after a 12+ hour car ride. Let me tell you how great it is to be able to stretch my legs out.
Overall, the Florida trip was great, it was a very low key vacation which is nice, we didn't even squabble (we do that on vacation), but it ended much too quick. Looking back, we didn't do that much except hang out at my Grandparent's condo. Which isn't that big of a deal. We're all at a point where we like different things and we can never agree on what to do. This way we're just hanging out together and can do our separate things when we wanted to. I ended up re-reading "Toy Monster" (such a fascinating read of Mattel's story.) We did go to the beach one day, but it was too cold to try to swim in the ocean. Plus we're not big saltwater fans, we did collect a bunch of shells though. Besides that we stayed close to home, except the few times we went out to eat. That's where today's picture came from, it's the view from the pier at one of the restaurants we ate at. We did try to go swimming in the pool at my grandparent's condo, but the pool was too cold to go in, and the guy who said he'd turn on the heat never did, so it never got any warmer. Grr.
We gave my Grandparents the basket our first day there, so it wouldn't melt in the car. It went over well (sorry for not updating you, I was not in a good place.) I also learned that I might have a soy allergy, maybe. The basket was really well received by my Grandmother, which is funny since she really isn't that big into sweets. Might have to revisit them again some other time. I didn't end up doing any of the diabetic friendly candy since I had multiple issues with how they came out. So it ended up being just Rice Crispy treats, white chocolate covered pretzels, peppermint bark, plain bark, and cookies. The basket managed to have quite a big dent in it by the time we left. I'm also planning on making another modified basket for my sister for Christmas since she liked it so much.
On the topic of Christmas my family and I have yet to actually do it. Well, at least our personal Christmas. We did a big meal down there and we each received a present from our Grandparents, and they one from us, and that was it. It was a great day, so no complaints. But we're waiting for my Sister and Father to have a free day so we can get together and do our family Christmas. So as a general heads up you're going to be hearing about my Christmas prep until it happens, since I'm not yet at "post holiday". Right now I'm still pre-holiday, waiting for my presents. There's still much work to be done. Luckily it still feels like Christmas, because the ground's covered with snow... yay snow. I'm still over snow from my growing up in Connecticut and my school years in New Hampshire, and now I want to move to NYC, I just don't get me. It's weird seeing snow out here since we rarely get it, this is the largest amount of snow I think we've ever had here, since we've been here. Here's hoping that record stands, I for one do not miss it.
Even with the unpleasant temperature, it's nice to be home with the dolls and sewing machine. They all stayed here for Christmas, I did bring Charlotte with me however. She just didn't get a lot of face time. For the most part she was stuck in my backpack in her travel box. Originally I wasn't going to bring her, but I decided to since I had two long car rides to amuse myself during she should at least come. I didn't bring anybody else with me, and only brought three outfits for her, this was certainly less luggage than the Connecticut trip. I wasn't going to be there that long, plus I didn't have my own room to play in. Actually, she didn't get any play during the first car ride since it was at night and I slept for most of it, but she was invaluable for today's. I ended up redressing her in all three of the costumes I brought, and ended up balancing her on her feet, placing a plastic stirrer on her head from my McDonald's tea, and seeing how long she could remain balanced like that before the movement from the car made her fall. The record was five minutes, yes I was that bored.
But now that's over, and it's time to unpack, I will catch you all tomorrow!

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