Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ballad of Submission Introduction

Typewriter Tuesday went very well today. I got about three pages done compared to my usual two. I think that I'm going to have to increase the number of pages each week if I ever want to see this book completed. Writing two pages a week really isn't anything, especially when you count in the fact that I'm writing in size 14 font. But like I said, I got three pages done today, so I think that's a wonderful start to my new goal. But it's going to be tricky because now I'm getting to a very critical emotional part of the story, and so cranking out four pages might be more difficult to do.
And I haven't forgotten that I was going to share more with you about it, I'm just not totally sure where to start. Let's begin at least with with the title, it's called "The Ballad of Submission", or BoS for short. Right now the book stands at 111 pages (at size 14 font.), single spaced. I started writing it last year in January after my life literally fell apart. I was in a really bad spot and I needed something, something creative to share my story. Originally it was going to be a ten page picture book, but it's kept evolving into this 111 page baby of today. I didn't think that it would have ended up being this long, if I did I never would have started it! Once I got started I couldn't stop. It's certainly evolved a long way since it's beginnings, the start and the end are the same, but not the middle, that's changed a lot. I'm writing it as a modern day fairytale, although it takes place way back when. It's just the action that happens that's modern. That's all for today, next week I'll write a short synopsis for you all!
(Any suggestions for what I should share?)

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