Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Certified Basket Case!

Back onto the sewing trail, but honestly I'm still searching for a project. I have things slated, but nothing yet that's filling me with a passion to get it done. Hopefully that will pass and I'll find another project to jump into with gusto, so far nothing.
Part of my problem is Holiday related, let me share something with you. Soon I'll be going off to Florida. I know, I just got back from being away, but here's the deal. My Family's planning on going down to visit my Grandparents for a few days around Christmas at their condo. We haven't been there in years, so it'll be nice to visit, and hopefully warmer than here in North Carolina. Since we're staying with them, we've (or more realistically I) decided to give them a basket of candy as a "Thank you for letting us stay here" gift. (Remember how I just finished those things?) We didn't give them one for Christmas because they were traveling right after the Holidays and wouldn't have enough time to eat it. Also my Grandfather is a diabetic, and most of the stuff he couldn't eat, or could only have small pieces of. It's a really crummy present to give someone that they can't use. (Oh hey, you can't be out in sunlight? Have some sunglasses.) But we wanted to give them something nice for letting us stay there, also since we're going to be there for Christmas, we wanted to give them something. So to accommodate my Grandfather's diet limitations, we decided to tweak what goes in the baskets. We're tossing out the Oh Henry Bars, and the Cookies (My idea, they're the most annoying to make!), and we're replacing them with diabetic friendly sweets. Not sure of the names at the moments, but when I'm making them I'll be sure to share them with you all when I'm making them. That leaves the Rice Crispy Treats, the Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and the Peppermint bark, along with the two new diabetic friendly additions.
So I've begun to accumulate the supplies to make the baskets, again. (Why do I set myself up for this?) The other day I got the basket itself (a light blue one, the old ones were dark blue), the marshmallows, and the pretzels. I still need to get the rice cereal, and the chocolate for everything. We still have plenty of peppermint left over, so I don't need to get anymore of that. I also have to get the supplies to make the new things, although we do have some of that already. So once again, before we head out I'm going to be switching the gears from my own projects to ones that are more basket related. Although this time I'm only making one compared to, I don't know... EIGHT? So it's going to go much faster and I'll be able to get more done each day. I'm also hoping to make enough for snack-y foods since we're driving down compared to flying. And who doesn't love candy to eat in the car? And after this I promise we'll get back to the doll sewing, not sure why I've been changing the rules so late in the game. And honestly I'm tired of it, I wanna sew again!

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