Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Final Introduction, the end of the Road!

Now onto the final doll introduction! We're finally going to get this header retired, to bring in the Christmas one! The final one remaining from out current one is one of the Silkstones. For reference she's the sassy redhead in the upper hand right corner of the header. Now how I came into possession of her is kind of convoluted, but I'll explain. I just ask that you stick with me, because I need to explain it all.
When I started off doing my own vacations I would always go to NYC, it was close, had plenty of stuff to do, and the public transportation was always available. On my very first trip I found out that the Toys R Us in Time Square sold Silkstones, like in store. They were pretty reasonably priced, especially when you factor in the price of shipping for the dolls online. Silly me didn't want to buy one at that time, deciding to wait and see what else was out there. When I finally decided to go and get one, wouldn't you know I couldn't, so I had to leave NYC empty handed. Sometimes I can really shoot myself in the foot. But there's a happy ending, the trip had given me a desire to get a Silkstone. It wasn't my first one, it was actually my second one. Artemis came first, but she had broken in an accident. Since my craving one had begun I started searching online to find one within my budget.
It took a lot of searching, but I finally found one that I could afford, even including the insane shipping that it costs with Silkstones. So I ordered her and waited, and waited, and waited. When she finally showed up I was psyched. She was the Suite Retreat Silkstone. I had liked her from her stock photos, but when I saw her in person I just loved her. In my opinion all the great points of a doll was hit with her. Her coloring was amazing, her hair was just the right style and length, she was bold without being annoying. I just loved her, it didn't hurt that she was also super easy to dress.
She still is wearing part of her stock outfit, a real rarity in my collection. As of writing this, seven dolls in the collection are wearing part of their stock clothing most of them are older dolls that I've "found" their original outfits. Usually the first thing I do when I get a doll is take them out of their original outfit (I know, I'm like a child), but with her stock top, I just loved it. It's a cream colored blouse with a fitted waist and flared sleeves. There's just something about flared sleeves that just speak to me. I knew as soon as I saw that outfit I was going to have someone wear it. I did try it on Charlotte, but it was a bit too "bold" for her. So it went back to Suite Retreat. For shoes she ended up in her stock shoes as well, it wasn't a hard choice to make. Back then I didn't have that many options for the Silkstones left and right molded feet. Since then I've gotten a greater collection, but those shoes are just...hers. I wouldn't change them now if I wanted to, and I do not. I did however change the bottom of the outfit, originally it was a pair of shorts that matched her top. The basic Silkstones are dressed in nightgowns, and she certainly was. It was just that her nightgown transitioned better into real clothes than others. Instead I gave her the skirt that came from the Mousekateer(Sp?) Barbie doll. I bought that doll for that one outfit and loved it. That one ten dollar doll netted me a wonderful skirt, shirt, socks, and black Mary Janes. A wonderful Barbie purchase, had I known how valuable it was going to be I would have bought two. But that's basically her outfit since she got here. But the skirt is lovely blue flared numbed. When paired with the top it gives a very Dior New Look, and if you've been reading this you should know how much of a winner that is for me. For her hair, I opted for a simple ponytail, tied back with an over-sized bow. This doll has very full hair, and in my opinion when it's left down it just flares out crazy style. I've seen lots of pics with her hair down, and haven't seen many where I thought it was a good look on her. But she's my favorite I'm pretty bias. Right now she's on top of the bookshelf with the other Silkstones. But she's at the top, looking lovely as always. I guess that even though I hated to, she was worth the wait.
Yay we made it!
Stay tuned for the updates!

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