Friday, December 31, 2010

Finish it up Friday, and a Retorspective

First off Happy New Years Eve everyone! I don't know about you but I will certainly be glad when this year is over. 2010 was filled with tears, hardship, and personal loss in my life. My family also struggled. This year I lost two Great-Uncles, one from each Grandparent, and lost lots of family friends. So I hope that 2011 changes this year of bad luck and welcomes in the good times.

On a positive side I did gain some people for the collection over this year. Surprisingly due to my financial struggles I've managed to gain 17 new people for the collection. They are as follows;
1. Hair Fair Barbie on a TNT body
2. Blond Skipper
3. Brunette Ponytail
4. Vintage P.J.
5. Brunette Skipper
6. Malibu Barbie
7. Vanessa
8. Most Mod Party Becky
9. Monster High Goulia
10. Dorthy Hamill
11. Peaches and Cream Barbie
12. Marie Osmond
13. Cindy Sad eyes
14. Malibu Ken
15. Walk Lively Miss America
16. Vintage Ken (Edmund)
17. Random Fashionista (Body Doaner)
Whew, that's a lot of dolls. In my defense some of these doll I just bought the heads, I used bodies that I already had. Just from looking at this I can see where my collection is focusing (as if I couldn't tell before). Out of those 17, 12 are Vintage. Very few from this list came in their original boxes. Only 8, 9, and 17 were from actual stores, the rest came to me second hand. Not horribly surprised over that since most of what I collect is no longer sold in stores, besides I have enough of a cast of dolls that I don't have to have just "anyone" I can (and should) be selective to who comes in. Right now I should remain focused on vintage dolls, including the 70's that I've only started to dabble in. Still looking for the rest of the Malibu gang. Here's looking for more to arrive in 2011, always room for more, right?

Now, onto the Finish it up Friday portion of today, it is Friday after all. Today it was very frustrating. I only managed to complete 4 items today, although I worked on a variety of other things, I just didn't manage to complete them. I worked on a black sheath dress, only to find out that it was too tight and wouldn't fit anyone. I had to cut it off a doll. I realized this only after I reinforced the seams and added one snap. I also worked on another dress that I wasn't able to finish, although this one just went back into the box. I also worked on a jacket that ended up getting a tear in it, so back into the box it went. So I wasn't able to finish five things, but it certainly wasn't from lack of trying.

First up we have a Ken jacket. It's a cheap nylon jacket from the dollar store. Honestly I could have just tossed it, but it was a simple fix, and you'll never know when you'll need it. Part of both sleeves had started to come undone and fray. I just took the inside seams in on both sides. That's all it took. It also got a good washing and the new side seams reinforced. I think it's a better fit now than it was before.

Next is another mending project. It's an actual Barbie skirt that used to belong to my cousin. When she outgrew her dolls she gave them to me. It's one of the only nice things she's ever done for me. This is one of the only things that has managed to not get lost or tossed. Not sure why, it's not like it's something special. It's issue was that part of the thread holding the pink and blue parts together came undone, so today I just stitched it up. Simple fix, although not sure if I'll ever use it, not really my aesthetic.

Staying in the same vein here's the next item. This is the jacket from my failed 80's outfit for Charlotte. It's a pretty pink and lined with blue. It's the exact same pattern that I use for Skipper jackets, so you should have seen something similar before. Today I ripped out one of the side seams and fixed it. After that it was time to reinforce the seams and I was done. Pretty simple stuff, and I got to use the pink thread I bought a while back.

Now it was something more complicated. I had started this dress way back when I made that black dress for Charlotte before the Connecticut trip. I wanted to make another dress, a companion piece for variety. I only got as far as completing the skirt and the bodice before I ran out of time and patience. Today I attached them, hemmed the back, reinforced the seams, and added snaps. After that I was stuck about how to finish it. Luckily I had this velvet ribbon that I've had forever out from a different project. I decided that it looked good and added the bow at the waist. I also added it at the shoulders for a different type of strap. After that all it needed was a dip in hot water to colorfast it. I really like how it came out, I've since dubbed it "The Tuxedo Dress." Not sure who'll get it, it might end up in the party dress bag, but it's still good to have. I mean, there's always a need for formal gowns in Barbie land, right?

Whew, and that's all for today. See you all in 2011!

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