Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"It takes work being this pretty!"

Just so you know it's not all fun and games for the inhabitants that live here. Case in point the following photo from the archives.

These are 3/4 of the Momoko collection getting a downy dunk. I had noticed that the ends of their hair had become very dry and icky looking. Not really sure why it's happened, since they're all different years and ages, and they all get different amounts of play. The only one without it is Akikio and I re-rooted her. I guess it's just their hair fiber is delicate, and this happens. That's frustrating because you'd think since they're not play line their hair would be better quality. I mean, I have doll that are 50 years old and they don't have this problem, but whatever. In order to combat this, or at least stop it from getting worse I left them soaking when I was up in Connecticut. I set them all up in Charlotte's spot on the bookshelf, and stripped them of their clothing, I left their monogrammed underwear though. We do have some standards here people!
Imagine being stuck like that for the three weeks I was away, or better yet don't. My poor little babies, but they did it with a smile on their faces.
Always a trooper!

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