Monday, December 6, 2010

Just another Manic Monday!

I've used the header before, but I'm the guy in charge here, so I'm dusting it off! But it is in fact a fitting title, I was oddly productive today. Especially if you take into account that I don't have any specific project in mind right now, so I just ended up doing a lot of small things that I've been avoiding, that I really needed to do. So it all worked out.
Since I didn't have anything slated from the get go, I started off today aimless searching for a project. After enough time had passed I finally got around to starting something small that lead me to something else, which lead me to something else. And soon enough my day was filled! Weird, right? What started the ball rolling was my Christmas Cards. Now before I forget, would anyone reading this like a Christmas Card from me? If so you'd need to contact me at with your address and I'll get one into the mail for you. Hope to hear from you! Today I started off actually working on it, just compiling the list and deciding what card I was going to send who. Then I had to e-mail a bunch of people asking them either for their address, or if they were still at that same address from last year. Still waiting back from a few people. After I had finished my e-mailing I started to look around the room to do more organizing. I spotted the box with random doll stuff from Connecticut that still needs to be cleaned and put away, so I started digging though it. I pulled out five things to put away, which I'm thinking I might make an everyday, with the hopes of finally clearing that out someday. After that I managed to organize the shoes and accessory drawer, putting everything back where it belongs, which has like never happened before (like never!). From there I moved on to dusting and replacing dolls on three of the shelves on the bookcase. They manage to get so dusty so fast! I did the vintage shelf, Charlotte's Shelf, and the Momoko shelf. The one below it didn't seem to be that dusty, so I didn't bother. After that I changed my Kelly and Tommy dolls into some more weather appropriate clothing. It's no longer shorts weather here, it's been freezing all day! Although this is when I realized I don't have any winter type clothing for them. I'm sure in time I'll find something for them, but right now they'll have to deal. With that done I broke for lunch. Can you believe I got so much done in the morning? I'm usually so sluggish and lame in the morning, but not today!
After lunch I started in on some actual sewing. I needed to make some underskirts for a couple of dresses, so I made exactly that. Since I needed two I just made them in an assembly line manner. Didn't take me too long, although I still need to do some work on one of them, but that's just a minor fit issue. Other than that they're done, in fact Charlotte's wearing one now. It's the one that she's wearing in the picture. Other than that today I got five Christmas cards done and into the mail. Making progress people! Tomorrow's our first Typewriter Tuesday in a while, wish my luck people, I'm gonna need it!
See you then!

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