Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not a Typewriter Tuesday for sure...

Starting to get back to the routine, but still working on it. I didn't get a chance to sew today, but I'm closer to it than before. I did manage to get a dent in my unpacking done, it's not too bad when all you have to do is unpack one suitcase not one million like from the Connecticut trip. Although I was slowed in my progress because I went with my father to go get the dog.
Most of the family is still in vacation mode since my father is still on it. We were originally going to leave Florida today, but with the snow we got hit with everyone wanted to leave yesterday in case something happened. It was sad to see the trip come to a close, but leaving earlier was for the best. This also allowed my father a day to rest from the drive, and allowed him to go get the dog.
Before we headed off to get the dog we did our weekly grocery shopping. We stopped over at Rite Aid and checked out their Christmas supplies. Since we're doing Christmas late we can take advantage of the half off sales in the area. We managed to score some candy plus a holiday sock monkey for my Mom (Don't tell her though). I also got some stickers for our stockings and some large candy canes (Although I picked out a lollipop for myself). From there we went to Walmart. Didn't see much there I wanted, on sale or not. Although I was shocked to see that they had almost the full original line of the Monster High dolls, except Deuce and Cleo. I'm waiting for those dolls to start showing up in the second hand stores for me to collect. I'm also waiting for the fashionista body to do that too so I can start getting more bodies. Although, I will say this, everyone that can use a fashionista body is currently on one. Now I'm just waiting for them to come out in different skin tones. Oh! I did see something I wanted at Walmart. They had some Monster High clothing packs, I would love to get the Cheerleader one. But I really didn't want to spend the money on it, so I passed. I didn't see any new Barbie Basic dolls, but I'm not surprised about that. Besides I couldn't get one even if I wanted to, and the only ones I want from that line are the guys... maybe. Depends on how hot they are. I still want to get a fashionista Ken, but these are all down the road purchases.
Other than that it was uneventful, we got the dog without a problem. We also dropped off my sister's suitcase at work so she didn't have to spend fifty dollars taking it on the plane. He's home now all safe and sound, he was really good in the car too. My sister's home safely too, although I don't know how good she was in the car.
After we got home I took all the Christmas stuff upstairs and wrapped it. I'm hoping that if I wrap everything when we get it, it won't be such an overload when I get around to the actual date. Although it's going to be a lean Christmas again, so I won't be wrapping too much. I just know I already love what I'm getting, I just knew I wish when I'd be getting it! I managed to wrap all the candy canes, my Mom's present, and well as one for my Dad. Right now they're all on the dining room table as a reminder/bribe to get this Christmas started. Ha! I'm terrible.

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