Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pants, Day One

Finally got my unpacking done today, although I still need to do laundry.

I also managed to fit some sewing into the schedule (Finally). Something new that just came up, since I still don't have any projects that I "want to do". I purchased this fabric in Florida from Jo-Ann Fabrics. It's a suiting remnant, not sure if you can tell but it's a rich brown with lines of pink stitching. It was an impulse buy, but I thought that I could find a use for it and since it wasn't that expensive I figured that I could at least try it. And being completely original I decided to make a suit. Today I decided to start off with the pants since I have the pattern, and I'm still looking for a decent jacket pattern.
I'm using the vintage Barbie pants pattern like always. I find that these pants are pretty decent. Although I had an issue with them today. Since they are for the vintage dolls, they are for the vintage body. I'm making mine for the bb body, also I wanted them to be hip huggers compared to ones that fit at the waist. These are certainly not hip huggers. Not only do they fit at the waist, they are much too high at the ankles. Not sure if there's anything I can do to fix this. Since it was my first attempt I'm not that concerned. I didn't even use brown thread when I made them (I don't have any, just black) I'll try again tomorrow. I didn't even bother to finish these. I just threw them into the box, maybe they'll see the daylight again, not sure when.

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