Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pants, Day Two

Today armed with the knowledge of yesterday I hit the ground running, or at least sewing. Taking the pants pattern from yesterday I drafted a new pattern, using my issues from yesterday as a guide. I chopped off about a half inch from the top (or so) and added that at the ankles, a relatively simple adaptation (I've done more complicated tweaks to patterns). With that done there was nothing left but to test it. I cut it out and got to work. I also managed to scrounge up a spool of brown thread since the black thread really stood out when I used them in yesterday's pair. It's just a little spool of the cheap stuff, but it looks better. I've since added brown to the next color I'm going to get thread I'm going to get list. But at least I had something to use for my second attempt, and I was able to continue.
The initial construction was pretty easy, typically pants don't give me any trouble. When that was done it was time for their first try on. I picked Charlotte for my model (like usual). With her hard plastic body it's easier when testing out unfinished clothing. With this one there was some issues with it. I was still having a really wide waist on the pants. This is a simple fix of just adding a dart on each side. With that done I could really see my issues... they continued over from yesterday's pair... Shoot. Once again I found the pants coming up too high on her. Even when I took off the fabric from the pattern the pants were still coming up to her waist and not her hips like I wanted. Also the hems were hitting too high, like high waters. How annoying. If I just lowered the pants to her hips it made the crotch sink really low, which looked terrible. Also there was a new issue with these pants, there was some fit issues in the thigh area, Charlotte was literally swimming in them, but only in the thigh area. To combat this I took more in from the thighs, I also took in the crotch in too. These new pants fit much better! Yay success! After that I just finished it up, adding a snap and reinforching the seams. On a side note, when I took in the waist turns out I took just a touch too much. The pants fit in the back, but it's really tight. I think I'm going to have to make the pants again and take less at the waist, but not today. Done with pants today.

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