Friday, December 17, 2010

The Sun sets on another Friday.

"Finish it up Friday" went along super well again. I managed to do more than the typical allotted five items. I guess it means that I can still sew, I just need to have the motivation to sew something. Although, there's a tinge of sadness with this post because it's my last real day of sewing for fun. Tomorrow I have to switch gears to cooking for another basket. But I think today was a very good send off for "Finish it up Friday."

For our start up I began with something light. These are a pair of white ski pants. They came from some dollar store doll years ago. They came north with the blue box of doom and after a wash have been chilling in the to be finished box. They just needed the leg seams to be re-sewn and reinforced. Pretty simple fix, and they're all done. Added these to the Barbie casual clothing bags already.

Next is something that was supposed to be another simple fix, but it ended up being not the case. This is a ballerina type dress that came with a Tinkerbell doll from the Disney store. It also came from the blue box of doom. For the most part I didn't have to do much to it, just replace the straps on it. They were made from fake pearls, and for some reason they had begun to lose their coating. So I took them off, and put it into the box. Today I pulled out my pearl beads and started to replace them. It takes 20 for each strap, and that's pretty easy. But when I went to attach the back part of the first strap it shifted, and I was left with a gap in the beads. So I had to replace it. And when I was done with both sides I was moving it and Boom. One side came undone, releasing pearl beads all over. I could not believe it. So I was forced to redo it. Luckily this time it held and it was done, but it was still really frustrating.

Up for our next one is a skirt. Once again, blue box of doom, but with a twist. This is a skirt that was for a doll bigger than Barbie, who I have no idea, it was just one with a much wider waist than Barbie. Possibly a bear? But it was plaid, and I've never met a plaid I didn't like. So I took in the sides at the waist, I also modified the back. Interesting note, I was able to finally use the purple thread I bought a while back. Hopefully I'll find a use for the orange thread I bought then too.

After that I moved onto a pair of pants. These are designed for Momoko. I was going for a look, but went another direction. I think I made two of the same color, and these are the first pair, so you might have seen these before, but not really. Today I reinforced the seams and added a snap. A pretty easy fix, and now the Momokos have another pair of pants, I just wish I had a use for them.

After dealing with that high from finishing the pants I moved onto a more hands on task. This was a sleeveless Momoko turtleneck that I started around the same time as the pants, I got less than halfway done before I quit. Today I got around to finishing it, including three snaps in the back. It looks okay on Momoko, just a touch baggy. On a whim I tried it on Charlotte, and it looks much better! I haven't tried it on a vintage doll yet, but when I do they may end up with it. Sorry Momoko!

Next I wanted something simple, so I picked a simple mending project. This time it was fixing a tear in a sock that I had made. Now I didn't put the tear it the sock, it was Midge. I was changing her and when I took off her shoes I noticed that part of it had ripped. Today I just did a quick line of sewing, and it was fixed. Not sure who's going to get the socks, but it's still good to have them around. Besides, it's another thing out of the box, and that's always a good thing.

After that we have another thing I just modified. This is a Keri Mitchel top (I think at least.). The annoying thing about these tops is the fact that they have the opening at the bottom, and not at the top. In order to get it on the doll you have to pop their head off. That might work for their cheap dolls, but I will not do that with my dolls. So in order to use it I had to fix it. I just tore out the partial back seam and added two snaps. Boom, boom, done! Also, just for your information it doesn't really look like that. It's dark green with some gold threads, just the flash made it just pop in gold. I wish it did normally look like that, I like the look.

With all that done I just wasn't finished. I was finished with mending or finishing things, but I wanted to create something. So I did just that. So once again I made a pair of pants, for Joe. Because apparently I didn't get my fill of that the other day. These might look familiar because I made Joe a pair just like them before, but with his recent body switch he can no longer wear them. So I remade them, even though he's never worn the originals. But do you remember why I made them? I'll refresh you in case you've forgotten. I made them because... wait for it... Joe's going to get a Steampunk outfit! He was going to get one way back when, but when I was finished with Charlotte's I just wasn't in the mood to adapt a pattern for him. I stopped after I made the pants. Since he's on a new body I think it's time to return to that project and make it for him. It will take a while since I'm not going to be working on it for a while, but at least the first step is done. Look forward to that mess in the new year.

What an exhausting day. Catch you tomorrow, when we have Rice Crispy Treats to make! As well as a test of some sugar friendly cookies!
Wish me luck!


  1. I hope your cooking adventure is going well today. Sounds like it will be fun. And looking forward to seeing Joe's steampunk outfit. That will be pretty cool. Seems that next year has a lot of interesting stuff in store for a lot of us. :-)

  2. It went as well as could be expected!

    Hopefully his outfit won't disappoint.