Friday, December 10, 2010

The Triumphant Return of Finish it up Friday!

Finish it up Friday went along smashing today. I actually ended up completing six things from the box compared to the usual five. It's certainly still full, but I did manage to make an effort in containing the pile. Unfortunately usually there's more going in than going out, but at least with days like these I'm able to go though it and pick out some things to finish. Even when done it might not go into the clothing "pool", but at least it gets it done and out of the box. Today I picked a variety of old and new things to finish, so it's an eclectic group. Let's get to it!

First up is a pair of Ken shorts, I made these to test out the fit of the pattern on G.I. Joe. Also this was a test on working with Jersey knit again after a break from sewing with it. These are one if the first things I made after coming back from Connecticut. This pair is made using elastic at the waist. I decided that it added much too bulk, so I never bothered to finish it. Also one half is made from the right side material, and the other the "wrong" side. Not a big deal since it's the cutaway from one of my t-shirts, just annoying. It's not my A game, so it just ended up in the box when I moved on to another attempt. With this all I had to do was pull out the remaining stabilizer, and reinforce the three seams on it. I started off easy with today, not sure if I'll ever use these, but they're finished and in the Ken clothing bag.

Next we have the second pair of Ken shorts that I made the same day as the other ones, these are the second attempt. These are much better, compared to the first. I made sure I was using the right side of the fabric on both pieces, and they close in the back with a snap instead of the elastic, so they're a lot less bulky as the waist. Also I changed the sewing for the inseam, making a much tighter fit on the legs. I liked these enough to not make another pair, but hadn't bothered to finish them yet. For the past few days they've been held together in the back with a safety pin. Today I had to remove the stabilizer, reinforce seams, hem the back and add a snap. Joe's wearing them right now. These I like, I'm thinking he might wear them from now on.

For our third item that I finished today it's a Ken shirt. I for the life of me cannot remember when I made this, but I can say it's a very early attempt. It's made out of the white linen fabric that I used most of it like a year ago. I think it was an early foray into sewing sleeves and clothing for Ken. The sleeves had some spots that I missed when sewing. So I had to rip out the side seams and fix one side, and completely redo the other one. After that I had to redo the seams, hem it, and add snaps. I also added a collar to make it more usable. It's actually the Ken PJ top pattern, so that's why it looks weird. I toyed with the idea of adding buttons to it, but I didn't have any small enough. But I'm glad that I finished it, it's a nice simple white shirt, and goodness knows you can never have enough of those!

Next we have a red corset top. I made this back before Halloween for part of the mock up for Charlotte's little Red Riding hood costume. I wanted to see how it all looked sewn compared to just an idea in my head, but I didn't have the right color, so I ended up making the mock up in the maroon color I had already. Having decided it worked I went and bought the right color red, leaving this corset top unfinished. Today I reinforced the seams, hemmed it in the back, and added snaps. Not sure how I like this, or if I'll ever use it. It's really tight on Charlotte, so I can't see it getting used anywhere else. But still it's finished, and out of the box, and that's always a great thing.

For our fifth thing we have just something that needed to be mended. I have these knee high stocking things that came from Mystery... Something Mackenzie (Agent? Squad?). I loved them, Charlotte wore them with her Zombie Hunter outfit (as she would.), unfortunately one of the seams at the foot came undone, leaving the stocking to come apart. Today I repaired the broken one, which was a pain. Since it's not a real knit, sewing it (with stabilizer) still had the fabric stretching and moving under the needle. I had to sew it like four times to get it to look like that. It's not perfect, but I'm certainly not going to try again, It looks fine, and if it ever comes undone on it's own again, I can just give it another go. Not sure what to do with this, but I'm glad I have them back.

Now onto our final thing for Finish it up Friday. It's a dress that I started a while ago. It was supposed to be a simple black dress. I was going to just make one that was basically a black turtleneck that was really long. Very similar to the dress I made for P.J. a while back. But I accidentally cut it much too wide, so it would just hang on Barbie, like a sack. Frustrated I just put it in the box for another day. Today I decided to work on it again. To fix the sizing issue I just cut about 1/4 of an inch from the front and back, on both sides. (I told you it was much too big.) Since it was so big the collar was also pretty warped, so I couldn't do the turtleneck like I wanted. So instead I took a piece of black broadcloth, sewed it to the neckline and flipped it under. It kind of flares out a little, but I notched it so it's not so bad. I finished it up, sewing on three snaps, although there's some issue with it not fitting the best in the back, but you can't see it from the front.
And that's what I did today, a productive Finish it up Friday! (Although for at least one thing I basically sewed it in the first place compared to "finishing it up"!)

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