Monday, December 13, 2010

Uninspired for Monday

Sooooooooooooo, this Monday I didn't do much. I guess right now I do one day of something, then the next day nothing? It's a weird cycle, it's even weirder since right now I don't have any projects slated. Like I've said countless time, I have things I should do, just nothing I want to do. Hopefully something will come down the pipeline. Oh! My final two Christmas presents arrived today, and once again I had to go over a check list of how they looked without actually looking at them. Not sure when I'll get them in my hands, but I cannot wait. Right now I have lots of planning to do about them before I officially get them. Earlier I was doing some research. Didn't find what I wanted yet, but I found out what I didn't want, so it's a start.

Since I didn't do anything of real value, I once again get to talk about something that I took pictures up of in Connecticut. Since we were talking about Disney last time, I'll continue this trend. Here we have another Mickey Mouse item. Or actually two. These are two Mickey (and Minnie) ceramic figures. They're roughly 4" tall, and are one again my Grandfathers from his childhood. I think it's Minnie with the accordion and Mickey with the guitar, but I could be wrong. Now here's something cool, I actually found these same figures in one of my Disney books. Apparently they're from the 1930's and was actually a set of three. These ones have some dings and breaks, so it's not a total shock that at least one of them went missing. I've only seen them as a pair, so the missing third one was long gone before my time. These too live in the China Cabinet now a days with the ornament. Way back when they used to live in the safe in the basement, when the ornament relocated there so did some other stuff including them. Not sure what else to talk about with these, I really don't know much about these, and I don't have any nostalgic memory of them. Growing up I rarely saw them, I just knew they existed. I just think they are so cool!

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