Sunday, December 12, 2010

The word of the day was "Pants"

And now in typical Pee Wee Herman style, run around screaming. Do you guys remember that show? I loved it, it was like my childhood show, that and Muppet Babies, those were like the shows I grew up on.
But I digress, today was all about making pants (AHHHHHHH!). Pants (AHHHHHHH!) for G.I. Joe. Recently he's being going though some... changes, and while shirts still fit, he needs new pants. (AHHHHHHH!) So today that's what I started off doing. I wanted to make him some jeans, that's what he was really lacking in his wardrobe. But I didn't want to waste my jean material since I was had to adapt the pants (AHHHHHHH!) pattern to fit.
So this is what I started off with. Yes, I know it's looks like I made them out of someone's couch from the 1970's, but I didn't want to waste my good fabric on something that might not come out. But I wanted to use some fabric that wasn't too out there in case I wanted to use the pants (AHHHHHHH!) if they came out nicely. A nice compromise I found was this brown fabric. I got it from a second hand store, it's very 70's, but neutral enough to use for men's pants. While I don't think Joe's going to wear these often, they're still good to have.
Next we have the actual pants (AHHHHHHH!) that I started off creating. I did some minor tweaking of the pattern between these and the brown pair. They have a side seam on ... well, the sides. Had to do a bunch of tweaking, but they came out! They're a simple pair of pants, (AHHHHHHH!) but they will work for now. Eventually I'll learn how to make more complex ones, but these certainly fill the void. What do you guys think?
Oh! Also I joined Flickr today. I'm still figuring out all the bells and whistles, but friends on there would be great. If anyone's on there I'd love to be freinds, or what ever Flickr calls it. Here's my page if anyone's interested; Aubrey's Flickr
And one more thing,



  1. I loved Pee Wee's and The Muppet Babies. I grew up with them too. LOL! And at first I thought you were going "ahhh" about having to sew pants and then I caught on to the title and such...I'm kind of slow this morning. LOL! Those pants look awesome. I am still trying to figure out how to make a decent pair. Once I get a pattern down then I can start making pants I have envisioned some of my guys wearing. Maybe I'll try this weekend. And I'd totally friend you on Flickr. What's your link and I'll friend you on there. Or feel free to friend me and I will get an email and come friend you.

  2. No, it's a bit obscure. I actually wondered if people were going to get it, or if they'd think I was nuts.
    I use a Ken pattern from Mattel for pants, and they're actually pretty easy for me since it's all straight sewing.
    And I friended you in flickr! You can be my second friend on there.

  3. I need to find a good Ken pattern to alter as I need. I have some but they are for stretch fabric so it fits a variety of dolls. Maybe I can still use it. I'll have to try it and see.
    And friended you back. :-) Be prepared to get addicted to uploading. You might want to download the desktop uploader. I use it for mass uploads and it just seems to make it easier for me. I seldom go to the site to upload now.

  4. I use the pattern that was made for Vintage Ken. You can get a pattern cd with it off Evil-bay for ten dollars. From that one pattern I've made pants and shorts for Ken, Joe, Momoko, and Skipper. I also used it for making Chatty Cathy's pants pattern.
    I know flickr might be another addiction... eep!