Monday, January 3, 2011

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...

I have conflicting news to share with you all. The good news is, Charlotte's going to get repainted, the bad news is, she's going to have to go away to have this done. Which is sad. I would have mentioned this to you all earlier, but this literally happened last night, no joke. Yesterday I was over on "In the Pink" Barbie Forums and I saw a post by JorgePA, he does repaints, and they are really pretty. I commented on it that one day I want one of his commissions, but I'm too poor to afford one at the moment. Next thing he had e-mailed me saying that commissions weren't that expensive, (they are if you have a budget of zero, lol). I told him that but gave him the link to my show and sell page in case he wanted to trade (this gave him an easy out in case he didn't want anything I had.) Turns out he did find something he wanted. He wanted the Disney Esmeralda doll that I had, he also asked if I had any pale Barbie heads for trade. Luckily I had a few that worked, and he picked out one he liked. For the head of the Barbie and Esmeralda he's willing to repaint Charlotte. I'm still in shock at what a great deal I'm getting and how fast it all transpired. Not too sound too hokey, but it's a welcome change that 2011 is bringing.
While I am excited about Charlotte getting a new change in her life, it's also a bit sad. I'm going to have to send her off and be without her for a while. I know it's silly since she's just a doll, but I have a lot of emotions invested in that piece of plastic. We've been though a lot together. I mean, she's kind of the reason why I have the collection. Other than Joe she's the oldest doll from my childhood, she's been with me all over the United States, we have a history. Even when I when I wasn't collecting dolls she was there. If she wasn't there I doubt I'd have gotten back into dolls after college. She's also one of the reasons why I've gotten back into sewing. What am I going to do without my muse? Today I ended up taking off the last of her remaining face paint, which wasn't much. All that was really left was a tiny strip that was part of her eyeshadow. It's weird, without it, she looks so plain, even though it was a tiny, tiny, tiny strip of paint. I dressed her in a pair of underwear and a bra, jut for the trip. Not sure if he wanted her dressed, but I would feel better knowing that she had something on, she's a modest girl after all. She's waiting to be sent out tomorrow, I would have sent her out today, but I had to use boiling water to get the other dolls heads off and I didn't want to ship them wet. Or, maybe I wanted another night before I said goodbye to her.
How come moving to NYC I won't lose any sleep over, but shipping a doll I'm a wreak?
I must be nuts.
*Five* more days


  1. I'm excited for you and your Charlotte doll. I've never sent a doll away to be repainted so I don't know the feeling but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!

  2. Oh, I hope so! I'll keep everyone updated with her glorious return.