Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another day, more issues

Another terrible weather related day. Earlier my father went to drive my brother to school, and couldn't get the truck out of the driveway. He just could not get any traction on the ice that currently is the driveway. Luckily he was able to get the car to move, and used that to take my brother to school.
But when he got back he informed my brother and I we were going to shovel the driveway today... yay. So for more than 4 hours my brother and I chipped away at the ice and snow that had accumulated in the driveway. The snow was actually pretty easy, it was the ice that was killer. We had to take breaks because we kept getting fatigued from scraping the ice off the gravel. Yes, our driveway isn't paved, lucky us. You can just know that I'm more than a little sore right now, I can't wait for tomorrow, that's going to be fun. Thank goodness that's over, and hopefully it'll get nice and warm and clear up what we weren't able to get, I do not want to do that again, like ever again.
And did you know that since Charlotte's still gone my resolve for the collection has flat out dissipated? Like no joke. I know that my life's been a bit more... interesting of late, but I haven't been doing much with it even when I do have the free time. A few days ago I dragged myself to work on sewing some Ken pants, just to adapt the pattern. The vintage Ken I used for a fit model is still over at the work station, I couldn't be bothered to put him away. The three new dolls? Just stuck on the shelves in whatever I had handy when I got them. The only reason they have spots on the shelves are because I planned that out before Charlotte left. It's been a few days since I really dealt with the dolls, and the worst thing is even now I just don't want to. I'm not going to be all corny and say she was the glue that held everything together, but for me she was really a key point in my playing with the dolls. Without her here, I just don't want to do much with them. Maybe it's all a reminder that she's gone? I mean the collection has a lot of little subgroups; vintage, Silkstone, Momoko, Jenny dolls, and so on, but I really can't get into any of them at the moment. I just feel so out of sorts, like I'm missing a limb. I must really sounds nuts.

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