Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser, Aubrey thought to himself.

My first real day without Charlotte went as well as expected. It's an odd situation. I'm not like a mopey mess, but I'm certainly not motivated, but that's nothing new. I was like that before she even left to get repainted. It's just odd not having her handy, usually she's my go to gal for fittings and whatnot. I had some pretty unusual dreams last night, nothing about her, but it certainly was recalling losing something you care about using parallels I'm not too keen to revisit. Actually pretty ironically what I was dreaming about literally was happening this time last year. History repeats, right? But at least with Charlotte I know she's coming back. Hopefully this upcoming Saturday will give me enough projects to sink my teeth into that the time will just fly by before she's back. Because that's really what I need, something to do to just focus my attention on. My problem is, I don't have anything like that yet... yet. The prepping for Christmas is helping, there's just nothing to really do that much. I have to clean up in the kitchen, but there's no need to do that too early and find myself doing it again. Plus I hate cleaning, so if I can stall, I will.
I did however do some sewing today. That was nice, although once again it was tricky to find someone to use as my fit model. Although, I was using a vintage doll for my model, so if even Charlotte was here she wouldn't have been of much use. I ended up grabbing one of my titan bubblecuts because A. She was handy, and B. She's easy to undress. (Not that I'm saying she's easy mind you.) Usually when I need a specific body type to work with I grab what doll I've deemed the easiest to undress and redress. Hair is also a factor, since the longer the hair the more it's going to get in the way during my fittings. Bubblecut's hair are designed short, so there is no way it's going to get in the way, so they're an easy winner. But sometimes I just go for whatever doll I was just because. These are my own rules, so I'm allowed to break them.
So, vintage bubblecut in hand I sat down at my work station. Today I was working on creating a pinafore. This is something I've never done before, so I was learning as I was going. But it certainly uses a lot of techniques I've learned before, also I did have one handy to see what someone else did to create one. I would have used that one compared to making one from scratch, but it's too small for the body I'm using. The one I have is designed for Momoko or smaller dolls. Making mine larger really wasn't that tricky, I also managed to play around with some design features. Like adding lace at the neck and the bottom hem. That's the same lace I used for the Red Riding Hood Costume from last Halloween. I forgot I even had it, that is until I was looking though my trim bag, then boom there it was. Just perfect. There's some design issues with this one (it's crooked), but for a first attempt I'm certainly pleased. It actually only fits the vintage body, so not many people can wear it in the collection, but that's not a big deal. I'm sure I could tweak it if I really needed it. I'm going to re-make it, but it's going to wait until I have the doll in hand. (*Wink*) That way I can made it specifically to fit. Which isn't that big of a deal, these things go together pretty easy. Maybe I should do a tutorial on how to make them?
*Three* days until Christmas

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