Monday, January 17, 2011

Etsy Monday...? I'll work on it...

First off, let me share with you the good news. I heard from Charlotte yesterday. Apparently she's almost done at her spa, and will be returning home Tuesday. She would leave today, but it's a holiday and you know how hard it will be to travel, she hates getting stuck in traffic...
Just kidding! Sort of... I heard ABOUT Charlotte yesterday, not from her. I'm still at the point where I know she's just a doll, reality isn't that blurred. Although I must admit I was getting a bit nervous about her, since I had yet to hear anything about her since I sent her off. Finally after two weekends away I bit the bullet and e-mailed the person about her. I was putting it off because maybe there wasn't an e-mail because she hadn't arrived yet. It would be just my luck that Charlotte would be lost out there and I'd never see her again (*tear*). I was even preparing what I would do with the dolls in case she never came back, luckily it won't come to that (knock on wood.) JorgePA said she was done and that she looked beautiful, so I'm so excited. I guess I won't see how she looks until she arrives. Oh, I'm so nervous, I hope I like it! I'll be sure to share pictures with you all when she arrives, hopefully before the end of the week.
Also on good news, I started an Etsy shop today. No, I'm not selling any Barbie clothes (yet), I'm actually selling vintage patterns. Late last year I found a box of them that I purchased for a somewhat modest price. I've been putting off dealing with them because it's a little daunting, since I'm just starting to sell things. Also funds are low, so I didn't want to bankrupt myself starting this little endeavor. But after weeks of stalling I decided that it was time to get off my duff and actually do something, and stop just looking at the box and putting it off another day. So today I started my shop and posted my first item. I think that each Monday I'll post three items to the shop. That is, if anything sells. I'm kind of hoping that my first item will sell and I can use that to fund the project. I have a piece of paper that I'm tracking all my expenses, hopefully I can recoup that. Here's the link in case anyone's interested, like I said, I started this today; Aubrey's Etsy Here's hoping that my pattern sells! If not I'll have expensive kindling! (Kidding)
More good news, someone bought something from my show and sell page! Here's the link to that in case anyone wants to search it; Aubrey's Show and Sell page. Some purchased the Speed Racer Trixie head that I've had forever for sale. I'm glad someone finally wanted it. Actually it was one of the heads that I offered to Jorge for the repaint, but it didn't work for him. But there's a minor gripe for this too, you see, the person wanted another doll too, which was all well and good, but when I went to go look for the doll, I could not find it. Honestly I have no clue where it went, it's just gone. I tore apart my room several times anyplace that it might have been, but I couldn't find it. I had to email the person and tell them that I couldn't find it. It's driving me nuts because I have no idea where it could have gone. But I had the head, and they've already paid for it. Tomorrow hopefully it'll get into the mail, and onto them. I'm one step closer to affording my next Skooter doll (one that I've had my eye on for a few weeks now!), hopefully when the pattern sells (if) I can use my funds and splurge a little. With this purchase I'll be closer to it, just need a bit more to cover the price of shipping. Which is why I'm kicking myself over the missing doll, if I had her and sold her I could easily afford the new doll. But, this just means I have to wait. It builds character, right?
But right now the head is all packaged up ready for shipping, also I finally finished the present for Joanne. When I get to the post office I'll be able to ship both of them off. So a general Yay to that! Tomorrow's a return to Typewriter Tuesday, wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

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