Monday, January 31, 2011

Etsy Monday makes me Mad!

Etsy Monday started off well. I managed to get all three things listed on my page before lunchtime. I was also a little smarter when it came to pricing. I think I was a little exorbitant with some of my pricing, so I changed it some. Today everything was about 20 dollars or less. I also went back and lowered prices on two other patterns that I listed last week. Hopefully at this point something will sell. After next week I've reached my "10 items in the shop" limit and I'm going to wait until something sells before I start listing more things in there. So here's hoping something sells so I can afford new things!
Then after that when doing my online rounds I managed to get offended. I'll explain; a few days ago on a doll board I visit someone was hosting a contest. Since I liked what they were offering, I threw my name into the hat to win it. I of course did not. Then yesterday the person who posted the contest made a separate comment on the board about how all these people popped out of the woodwork to sign up to win his prize. Basically admonishing people who don't post pictures and make comments having the audacity to enter his public contest. And a few people commented under it agreeing with him. Everyone that I saw that had posted were names that I were familiar with, more of the "cool kids" clique. And it really bugged me, partially because they were calling out my own poor behavior, but because they felt it was okay to comment on it in such a public forum to only draw attention to it. Which I think is just as rude as people who just enter contests. I mean I already feel like such an outsider in that group, which is one of the reasons I don't post as often as I could, and this just made me feel more "unworthy" of sharing their wonderful doll page. Also I don't really bother to stop to take pictures because one something is done, I'm ready to move on to the next thing. It just really bothered me that someone was basically commenting on how much better they are because they are able to post on the board more than others. I guess that's how Barbie would respond, right? So forgive me for trying to win your contest, I know it won't happen again.
With all that nastiness behind me, I still wanted to do some sewing. See what I do for Barbie? I cater to her, not some online board. So I started to work on the Ken project again. This time it was time to work on the jacket. I'm still avoiding the shirt, since I'm still not sure how I want the collar to look, I'll decide that after the jacket's done. But I found out a big issue, I didn't have the pattern that I wanted. I really didn't have that many jacket patterns for Ken, most of them are suit jackets. I really wanted a windbreaker type of jacket, but like usual, no pattern. So I spent a great deal searching the internet to see if one existed in the first place. Not really sure if one does, because I did not find one. I had another one of those flashes of genius, and stopped looking. I realized that the shirt that I made the other day for Joe could work for a jacket on the vintage dolls. Trying it on for size I found out, it's bigger and fits over the red and stripped shirt, just like a jacket should. I couldn't get it to close around the neck, so I tweaked the pattern and got to work. I made it out of the same blue as the pants, except I'm making black collar, cuff, and bottom hem. I got a great deal done with it for today, but it still needs work. No picture today, but when I do get it done, I will certainly share it with you.
That's all for today.

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