Monday, January 17, 2011

Everyone needs a Man with Experience...

Well, I'm super behind with getting anyone introduced from the current header. I honestly can't remember the last one I did, the date or the person. But let's get one done.

This in my blond number one Ken doll. In the header he's on the second row, second from the right. I've had him for a long time. He was part of the early vintage collection, back when it was mostly Barbie's friends and very few actual vintage Barbie dolls. I remember that he came from E-bay, but I don't remember the time or the price (it's been a while). I believe he was alone when he came here... possibly nude or with his swimsuit jacket. I doubt I paid much for him, didn't have a lot to spend back then (like that's changed). He's in okay condition with part of his original flocking. There's something weird about him, the whites of his eyes aren't actually white. They're really a light blue, just an odd observation.
For a while he was just there with the other vintage dolls when I took my break from collecting. Eventually, he was part of the great migration when I brought all the vintage dolls down south. Back then they were a much smaller group. They were just; one Francie, one standard Barbie, two Midges, two Allens, a Skooter, a Skipper, one Fashion Queen Barbie, and two number one Kens, a very modest collection. (Of eleven, can't even imagine having so few!) I can't remember what most of them were wearing when I brought them down, but only two of them are still wearing the same clothes that they were wearing back then. Ken was one of the dolls that changed.
I can't remember what he was wearing originally. This all predates the blogs, and every past picture I have on him he's wearing what he's wearing now. Before I really got into sewing, I purchased the "Speed Racer" Barbie and Ken gift set. Speed is still with us, but Trixie has moved on since then. The reason that I'm bringing it up is because, Ken got his clothes. He basically got the entire outfit minus the gloves and helmet. I think it gives him a handsome European flair. It's really not the most accurate for the era that he belongs in, but I like it too much to make him something else. Besides when I tire of him wearing it, I can just make him something else. But it's still cute on him!
He lives over on the vintage runoff shelf counter balancing the other number one Ken (a brunette), standing next to Hong Kong Lilli. I don't know why, but she seems happier with surrounded by men!

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